Lay Off of Snooki – She May Be a Better Mom Than You Think

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I loathe reality TV.  I refuse to watch it.  To me, there’s very little (if anything) actually real about it, and it’s tedious.  But even though I don’t watch it, I know who Jersey Shore’s Snooki is.  And she’s pregnant.  Lately, there’s been a quote floating around the web (I saw it on Facebook) that’s been attributed to her about her plans for being a mother.

“There is NO WAY I’m changing diapers when my baby is born. That is disgusting. That’s what maids are for and babysitters. I don’t have time for that. I’ll have them do that stuff. I’ll be there for the good parts like dressing my son up and making sure he got style. You don’t have to cook or clean or change diapers to be a good mother. My son will have everything that he wants.  He’s going to be a little star like his mommy.”

For any woman to think that she’d be a better mom than someone else because she’ll push off the gross parts of parenting to servants is just stupid.  And there’s been a lot of stupid stuff that Snooki and her fellow Jersey Shore folks have done and profited from, so I guess it’s not really surprising that people would believe that Snooki would say that.

But according to Wet Paint, she didn’t say that at all.  She lives in her fiancé’s parents’ suburban house, not on Park Avenue or wherever reality stars go to show off the dough… so there probably isn’t an army of household staff waiting to cater to her every whim or her baby’s wet butt.  Considering Jersey Shore seems to be all about the Italian stereotyping, why wouldn’t she go all the way with the stereotyping and be the overprotective, extremely involved (maybe even helicoptering), affectionate Italian mom who makes awesome pasta?

Give her a shot.  She might actually be a better mom than you think.  Or at least wait until she screws up before determining that she’s an idiot who shouldn’t raise children.

On the bright side, if she screws up, she’ll hopefully have enough money to pay for kid’s therapy later.  How many of us can say that?

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  1. Guess we will have to wait and see. I hope for the child’s sake she develops the maturity needed to focus on what’s right instead of what is fame creating.

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