Random Toddler Behavior – It’s All Hat to Me!

Norton is the most fantastically individual boy.  From the beginning, he was pretty independent.  Now he’s a fiercely independent toddler who can do the most random things.  Of course, I think some of his random toddler behavior is just a sign that he’s his father’s son.  You see, my husband has always been a funny guy who does goofy things for a laugh.  I’m seeing toddler behavior from our boy that shows he’s much the same way.

In fact, I could swear that I’ve seen my husband do this exact same thing.

Norton likes to put random things on his head and then proclaim, “Hat!”

These random things can be funny and cute things… like his beloved pillow, or even a pair of shorts.  I think one of the most amusing “hats” was a BumGenius 4.0 on his head.

Of course, some of the sudden “hats” aren’t always cute.  Sometimes it can lead to a very messy toddler, like when he decides his ravioli dish is a hat.  Then it’s straight to the bath so that I can get the pasta sauce out of his hair.

Here’s some of Norton’s greatest hats.  Er, hits.

Norton modeling a dish.

Norton modeling a dish.

Pants on head

Pants on head

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  1. So cute!

  2. Loved your photos to go with this blog. Don’t pictures really say a thousand words? Put a smile on my face this morning! Come visit me at toddlersthroughpreschool.com anytime.

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