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Generally, Norton’s television is limited to the more traditional electronic toddler entertainment.  More specifically, we watch an awful lot of Sesame Street.  While I was in bed this morning, the husband was up with Norton and Eudora.  That was when Norton was exposed to a new, less traditional form of toddler entertainment: Mythbusters.

I love Mythbusters and keep all of the episodes on my PVR.  (Well, except for the ones that involve being buried alive or potential drowning.  My claustrophobia extends to all forms of not being able to breathe.)  However, I’d never really exposed Norton to the television show.

Mythbusters - Norton's new favorite show?

Norton’s new favorite show?

When I got out of bed, Norton was trying to say something… and I couldn’t figure out what.  It sounded like “hiyawuh.”  He kept saying it again and again.  Then I realized that we were watching Mythbusters.  “Hyneman?”  And that was when I knew for sure what my boy was trying to tell me.  He smiled, pointed at the TV and said “Hiyawuh!”

I was just amazed.  The husband started laughing.  He said, “I thought it was cool when he started clapping and saying ‘Yay!’ when the cannon went off.”

That was when I started pointing out other people on the show.  “Towee” (or “Tory”) was the next one he started naming.  After that, it was dropping turkeys on a limo to see if the bird on the car on the edge of the cliff thing was true… so Norton started counting turkeys.  And then he started saying “Wow!” with Adam after they set off a steam cannon for the finale.

While I do consider Mythbusters to be quite educational, I didn’t exactly think that it was educational toddler entertainment.  Maybe I was wrong.  Or, hey, maybe I’m raising a little engineer.  Either way, it’s pretty awesome to see Norton get excited about something on TV that isn’t a Muppet.

What kind of educational toddler television do you watch in your house?

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  1. How funny! We love that show, too!

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