Toddler Language Development – Alliteration is Fun!

Toddler language development in our home has been an adventure.  Considering Norton had a non-medically caused toddler language delay, the road to getting him to talk has been a bumpy one.  Most of the time, I come across things that are talking about rhyming words, like “cat” and “hat.”  The gift of child friendly rhyme is why Dr. Seuss is still popular after half a century.  However, that aspect of toddler language development also doesn’t seem to be happening in the normal order.

You see, Norton has no interest in rhyming words.  When I try to sing anything to him, he screeches at me… and it hurts and makes Eudora cry.  But what he does love is alliteration.

If you remember your English lessons, alliteration is when a series of words start with the same sound.  Great examples of that are Edgar Allen Poe’s poem The Bells and that old tongue twister “Peter Piper.”

In Norton’s case, it’s far less complex than Peter Piper’s peck of pickled peppers.  His favorite example is to do with his little sister.

He’s been calling Eudora “Kiki” for months now, which is cute and adorable.  But what’s a little less than cute and adorable is when he follows it up with “Caca.”

I’ve explained to him that it’s not nice to call his baby sister “caca” since that’s another word for poo.  I’m not sure if it’s because contrariness is part of normal toddler behavior or what, but still, without fail, I hear “Kiki!”  And then it’s followed up by “Caca.”


Another case of his love of alliteration is “puppy poppy”.  “Poppy” is Norton’s word for “potty.”  Hopefully he’ll use it soon, regardless of what he calls the darned thing.

Still, it’s a big improvement on toddler talking.  I’ll take it.

Did your child show any predilection for alliteration?  What were his favorite combinations?

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