Toddler Nutrition – When Good Eating Goes Bad

I do my best to ensure that Norton has proper toddler nutrition.  I make sure he eats things with vegetables in them.  Sometimes it’s hidden vegetables so that I know he’ll get them down.  I figure that the method of delivery isn’t necessarily the most important part of toddler nutrition.  His knowledge of the veggies isn’t really important.

Norton’s self-feeding skills are often impressive.  I’ve seen him eat soup without getting any on himself.

Of course, I’ve also seen him decide that he didn’t want to eat his soup and smear in his hair instead.

I gave Norton a President’s Choice toddler meal today.  In terms of prepared food, it’s not bad at all.  The sodium is less than 10% of what’s often in the Gerber Graduates toddler meals.  Unfortunately, the amount of sodium was not a crucial part of his toddler nutrition during lunch today.  It could have been a high sodium Banquet meal and it still wouldn’t have mattered.

He didn’t eat it.

He wore it.

I was in the living room taking care of a cranky Eudora while he ate lunch.  Generally, this isn’t a big deal; he can see me on the couch from his chair in the dining room.  It’s a short enough distance to talk; it’s a fairly open concept house.  I heard him yell at me… and then I saw his hands in his hair.

I knew that it wasn’t going to be good.

I put a screaming Eudora down on a blanket on the floor and found that it was, in fact, not good.

I found an extremely messy toddler.

I found…


Norton wearing his lunch

My husband may be a wonderfully involved father who loves doing bath time every night, but this mess was not going to wait until he got home.  I dumped my messy toddler in the tub and determined that any efforts at toddler nutrition for lunch were, in fact, a fail.

Has your kid ever decided that it was more fun to wear his food than eat it?

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