Why We Don’t Use Cloth Diapers with Velcro Closure

In the beginning, I would only buy cloth diapers with snap closures.  I avoided Velcro and Aplix closure because of the dreaded diaper daisy chain, wear out potential, and other issues.  Eventually, though, I caved.  At that time GroVia hybrid diapers were only made with Velcro.  TotsBots Easy Fit diapers were in the first generation design and were also only made with Velcro.  There were so many awesome diapers that I wanted to try.

Why cloth diapers with Velcro closures no longer happen in our home

Why Velcro closures no longer happen in our home!

Now that Norton is nearly two and a half, one other reason to skip out on Velcro closure cloth diapers is now an issue: Norton will unpeel the Velcro and take his diaper off.  A naked, non-housebroken (okay, fine, potty trained for the PC crowd) toddler in his room for a nap is a recipe for disaster.  In fact, my making the mistake of putting Norton to bed with only a Velcro closure cloth diaper once resulted in a nice puddle of pee soaked into the carpet.  (Fortunately, I also have a Bissell Spot Bot, which managed to get out the urine and the yucky scent that accompanies stinky boy pee.)

That was the last time that I put Velcro on Norton.

I was lucky; I didn’t have an incident like that lovely meme describes.  There was no poop on the floor.  I’ve never had a kid play in poo or anything else; they seem to find it icky instead of interesting.

I’m finding that Norton’s interest in peeling open Velcro also extends to his sister: if Eudora is wearing a Velcro diaper that is not covered by a onesies, Norton will take her diaper off, too.  (He likes to open and unfasten other things, too.  His Melissa and Doug latch board, door knobs, child proof door knobs, his father’s belt buckle… nothing is safe from our boy.)

It’s really too bad that I’ve had to banish Velcro.  Once I got the hang of the sticky tabs to prevent the dreaded diaper daisy chain, I didn’t have a problem with things sticking together.  I’ve never had Velcro wear out, even if other aspects of the diaper might have failed.  While Velcro is awesome for getting a perfect fit when you’ve got a baby at an in between size, it’s a bit of a hiccup when raising a smart toddler with a flair for breaking and entering.  As useful as I find that it can be, it’s just not practical with my boy on the loose.

Do you use Velcro closures in your house?  Why or why not?  Which diaper did you find had the most durable Velcro?

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  1. I have one diaper with velcro that I won. I hated it! So I put snaps on it in addition to the velcro. It’s still not my favorite, but the snaps definitely improved it. I will never buy velcro diapers. I gotta have snaps!

  2. I have 2 velcro diapers – I only use them in case of emergency and when I know the baby is going to sleep (and then she gets pants put on top of them). They were the BG 4.0 artist series, and they were on clearance (buy 2 get 1 free) and it was all they had left – so I decided to try them. I’m not fond of them, but my husband thinks they’re easier than snaps… I get the feeling it won’t be too long before we’re dealing with her taking them off though, and that will be the last they get used.

  3. My sister-in-law also told me to never get velcro diapers because they will get taken off…and after this post, I will be sure and avoid them!

  4. I live and die by velcro! It makes night changes SO much easier. My husband hates to change a stopping diaper, therefore, velcro it is 🙂 To each his own I suppose!

  5. I actually PREFER velcro. They’re a much better fit on my chunky heavy wetters and when a large quantity of pee is involved, you really need a good fit. Snaps just don’t do it. They’re either too tight or too loose. Plus, they’re a pain to put on our squirmiest diaper butt. Unless he’s got a cup in his mouth, he’s all over the place and a nightmare to diaper, let alone contend with 4-8 snaps, depending upon the diaper. Daddy can’t stand having to diaper him because he’s so wiggly so velcro is really the only solution. And if you have a good, quality velcro, most issues are null and void. As for toddlers removing diapers, my 2 year old can unsnap even the tightest snap diapers so that wouldn’t help in our house!

    • I got lucky; my kids never unsnapped. With Velcro, the only ones I’d found that I truly liked were TotsBots and Bummis/Mini Kiwi. 🙂


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