A Bikini, Jessica Simpson, and a Parenting Controversy,

I do not comb the Internet looking for parenting controversy involving famous parents.  Honest.  However, it seems like my Google news feed loves nothing more than a parenting controversy that centers around a parenting decision made by someone with more zeroes in their bank account than I have in mine.

This time it was Jessica Simpson who made the news.

The headline that caught my eye didn’t even mention anything about the singer/actor/designer/whatever else she may be.  It was “What kind of mother parades her baby on TV in a string bikini?

Seriously?  When I saw that, I had expected another mom from one of those awful “reality shows” to be letting her four year old dress up like a prostitute for a pageant again or something.  I didn’t expect it to be a piece trashing Jessica Simpson for putting her kid in a bikini.

I’m not a fan of babies in bikinis.  I think our children are often sexualized way too young.  That applies to thong underwear for little girls, padded bras for little girls who are far too young to have entered puberty, and any number of other issues I can’t think of right now.

But even though it’s not my taste, I will not attack Jessica Simpson for that.  Two piece swimsuits are practical with a baby due to needing to change diapers.  And the reality is that taking pictures of babies in just their diapers is fairly common.  I’ve done it with all three of my kids. I’ve put pictures of diaper-clad Norton and Eudora up in my blog posts.  The bikini thing really isn’t any different.

There are some other things in the… well, I won’t call it an article because I think that’s insulting to legitimate journalists.  And I won’t call it a blog because it’s insulting to actual bloggers.  Let’s call it an editorial.  There are some things in the editorial that I think are patently ridiculous, not the least of which is the outrage over Jessica Simpson’s baby.

1.) It’s not a string bikini.

2.) The pose isn’t a centerfold pose like they make it seem.  And I actually have a picture of Andy in a similar pose wearing a onesie when he was a baby.  No one put him that way, it was just how he turned.

3.) The freaking out over pedophiles is ridiculous.  Pervs are going to find all kinds of things to look at for their jollies, including school photos and child underwear ads in your store’s flyer.

As for the title, “what kind of mother?”  Bite me.  That’s deliberately provocative and intended to fuel the mommy wars.  Just because she does something different than others doesn’t make her a terrible mother like the headline attempts to suggest.  Unless she’s abusing her daughter in some way, there’s absolutely no reason to suggest that she’s a terrible mother.

What’s your take on the baby bikini outrage?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Hearthstone says:

    Looks like a bathing suit to me; I don’t know that knit or crochet is the best material for a swimsuit, but that’s my only thought. It took me less than two minutes to find a similar crocheted swimsuit pattern from the 70s (http://www.craftyscrappin.com/p/childrens-patterns.html) that’s advertised as “bring back the old styles.”

    As for publicizing the picture, that’s another issue. I wonder if celebrities sometimes misunderstand their relationship with their fans (as some fans misunderstand their relationship with the celebrity :)).

  2. So sad the way the media will trash anyone to create controversy!

  3. You know what? I read the ‘editorial’ before I read your blog on this and I was hoping you didn’t fall for the blatant controversy this piece was trying to cause and, thankfully, you didn’t.

    These days people, and the media, are bowing down to the ongoing scare of showing off their babies. I recently took a picture of my two boys (20 months and 5 months) playing in the bath for the first time and emailed it to my dad and he replied back with, ‘Delete this email now! Do not send these kind of things, you never know who’s going to see it’. That just made me really sad. I can’t enjoy my two boys playing in the bath, just like Jessica Simpson, can’t enjoy her darling little daughter in a bikini. For goodness sake, no mother would ever want her baby to be ‘sexualised’, why are the media planting this seed in our heads? I bet the majority of women (and men) didn’t even have that thought in their heads until the media placed it in there. This is how dangerous they are.

    We need to stick to what we believe in and not listen or read the petty rubbish that’s out there.

    Let Jessica enjoy her baby, string bikini or not. She’s allowed to dress up her baby as she pleases, and if she wants to show her baby to the world, then let her!

    I’m with you guys on this one. Keep up the great work 🙂


    P.S – I’d love it if you could subscribe to my new online magazine that will be coming out later this month. More details are on http://www.motherhooddiaries.com. Would absolutely love it if you could guest post for me 🙂

  4. Anyone who takes issue with a baby in a “bikini” has never changed a diaper at a swimming pool. Great post!

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