A Defiant Toddler Hurts

Norton is really a fairly typical two year old. He can be happy, sweet, and loving. He can also be a wickedly defiant toddler who rages at perceived injustices…. Those injustices, of course, primarily revolve around things like Mommy not allowing cookies for breakfast or in forcing a diaper change.

On Monday, a diaper change brought out my defiant toddler. He ran around the house, pranced around, played cute, and did everything he could think of to distract me from the diaper change. When that failed, my defiant toddler went from passive resistance to active resistance. And it was ugly.

I’m not the only one who gets these kinds of faces, right?

You see, we were off to Red and Kitty’s house for our usual Sunday dinner (except it was on Monday due to Labor Day). Usually, when I take Norton over to his grandparents’ house, we do disposable. But since I’ve been on a cloth diaper buying rampage lately, I’ve been more interested in using cloth exclusively and less interested in using the occasional disposable. So that meant it was time to get him changed.

I finally chased Norton down in Eudora’s room. When I scooped him up in my arms, I tried to treat it like a “Mommy got you!” game. For the first second, it worked. Once he knew that we were off to change his butt, though, it stopped being fun and cute. It became a fight to the death.

He started to kick and squirm, flailing his limbs as he tried to free himself from my arms. (He clearly hasn’t thought this through; getting free means getting dropped.). With a mighty swipe of his hand, Norton managed to claw my left cheek. He nearly got his wish for freedom; it hurt so much that I nearly dropped him. I did drop him on the changing table; at that point I couldn’t hold him any longer.

And then it happened.  The moment when raising a defiant toddler went from being merely difficult to being outright painful: he kicked me.  I’m no stranger to being kicked in the face when he’s fighting diaper changes.  It happens.  Generally, I manage to evade the attempts, but there are times when he makes contact.  Sure, it hurts.  I thought the time that he mashed my glasses into my eye was bad… but this time?  This time he kicked me in the jaw.

I was pretty sure he did damage.  I was about in tears, and I was plenty mad.  I was grateful for dinner at Red and Kitty’s being a simple, not terribly chewy fare because it hurt to open my mouth for a few hours.  Fortunately, I recovered.

Have you ever dealt with a kicking and screaming toddler?  Did you come out unscathed?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. He he.
    I haven’t yet had to deal with it, but I can sympathize.

  2. Oh my…I’m so sorry. I’ve been kicked and hit several times I’m afraid but it sounds like you handled it much more calmly than I have at times. It’s not so much the physical pain, it hurts your feelings as well (for me anyway). Very hard to keep in mind these little ones don’t know the power they have. Toddlers are so hard, hope you recovered and get some down time this weekend.

    • It doesn’t actually hurt my feelings because I know that it’s not about *me*. He fights others, too. Unfortunately, the calmness is because I’ve had practice. I’m feeling much better. Hopefully you and I can both dodge toddler kicks and punches this weekend. 🙂


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