Am I An Organized Mom or a Hoarder?

I have a lot of stuff.  I know that the reality is that I have far more stuff than we need, and we could probably live a lot more simply without it.  Is there any real reason why we require four laptops and a netbook, plus a company provided laptop?  Or why my kids need so many toys, or why I have a massive cloth diaper stash?  I’d like to think that because I’m an organized mom, this is a non-issue.

Unlike the hoarders we see on TV, I’m not buying duplicates of things because I can’t find the one I bought in the first place.  (Or at least, I’m not doing that very often.)  I can part with things.  My house doesn’t have any rooms that can’t be used in the manner intended due to having so much stuff.  But I like things for contingency plans.  Maybe it was hoarding behavior, or maybe it was smart and organized mom behavior… but I kept every single piece of Norton’s baby clothes that were in great condition after he outgrew them.  I hung onto outgrown baby toys, the whole nine yards.  I knew that we were going to have another baby, and it just made more sense to me to keep the bottles, the breast pump, and everything else instead of buying it again.

Eudora’s closet: well organized space or the sign of a hoarder?

I didn’t consider it to be an issue; as Norton outgrew things, they were washed, folded neatly, and put away in bins.  But it was an awful lot of stuff.  Had Eudora been a boy, I wouldn’t have had to buy anything for her.  Ever.  But because she’s a precious little girl, and cute little girl clothes are so much more fun, I’m shopping a lot.  When we found out that we were having a girl, I went through Norton’s old clothes.  I sold some, gave some away, and donated some others.  The stuff I kept was kept because it was sentimental (like his coming home outfit and a couple of outfits that I just loved and adored) or because it was gender neutral baby clothes that could be passed on to Eudora.

The hoarding question came up for me again today as I hung up clothes in her closet.  Eudora has a wide range of clothes, from her current size to 3T.  Some were given to us, others were clothes that I’d found that were adorable and a very good price.  Every bit of it is neatly organized by size and then style, complete with neat little closet dividers to keep it in order.

And then, of course, there’s the bottom of her closet.  The bottom of her closet is also organized storage.  There are things that she’s outgrown that are being sold in a local group, there are keepsakes, et cetera.  (Things that go to charity are donated right off the bat rather than lingering in my home.)

I keep telling myself that I’m not a hoarder because it’s neat and orderly.  It’s an organized mom being meticulous and having contingency plans.  Since everything is in order and not overtaking my house, it’s not hoarding.  Right?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. You are SO not a hoarder! And, if you are, then I am too!

  2. I clean out my children’s clothes as they age out of sizes. So yes you are a hoarder.

    • I don’t have anything that my daughter no longer fits into in the keep spot. Since she’s the last, everything except a couple of special pieces go. You dont keep things for future children when you’re planning on having more?

  3. No, you’re not a hoarder. My little guy’s room looks the same except he doesn’t have a closet so the bins are stacked in the corner. I can’t part with most of his clothes he has grown out of plus we are planning on having another baby. Nice organization.

  4. If it’s not interferring with leading a functional life it isn’t hoarding. Sounds like a good choice to save things to reuse.


  1. […] first step for organizing the outgrown baby clothes was to separate the outfits that I really wanted to keep from the outfits […]

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