Are You a Cloth Diaper Addict? Infographic

You love cloth diapers. You put your baby in cloth diapers. But are you actually a cloth diaper addict? Find out using this handy but hilariously true infographic.

Am I a Cloth Diaper Addict? Infographic

Are you a cloth diaper addict? Did you get caught in the spiral of denial? Be honest!


  1. Steph @ Just Add Cloth says:

    Lol! I have a newborn stash of 30 pockets and another 20 prefolds in storage. And about 45 pockets and fitteds in rotation right now, not including the 36 flats I also have in rotation! But I have two in diapers,so even with over 50 diaper in rotation, I have to wash at least every other day!

    • I have a ton of diapers (really, more than I need), but I still wash about every day and a half just because of there being two in diapers. Plus, my massive wet bag gets full by then. But I have enough that I can let my clean diapers sit in the laundry room for a week before I have to fold them. Even with two.

  2. Ha ha – not there yet in reality, but definitely there in wants 🙂

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