Are You Guilty of the “Give in” Parenting Style?

It starts out slowly.  You’re going to be in line at the grocery store forever, so you hand your kid your iPhone to play with while you wait.  You’ve already installed some age appropriate toddler iPhone app, so you’re good to go.  Kid is entertained and you can wait in line without your kid screaming or other shoppers glaring at you.  Then he’s playing with your phone at appointments and on car rides.  Before you know it, your kid has your phone more than you do.

Or is it just me?

Could this be me?

Could this be me?

Prior to the Norton calling 911 incident, that was becoming my life.  But after that 911 call, that was it.  I made up my mind.  We were taking the hard line.  No more playing with Mommy’s iPhone.  It just couldn’t happen.  We’d just have to be firm and wait out the toddler tantrums that were sure to follow.

I think I lasted two hours before I convinced the husband that we’d just get him a new iPod and give Norton his old one.  I just couldn’t put up with the persistant pleas of “pway?”  Well, I suppose I could have, but I was tired of it.  My nerves were already shot, and being a mom is hard enough without adding even more toddler tantrums to the terrible two’s.

When I read the Savings UK article called “Generation Give In” Parenting Style, I was so certain that this wasn’t me.  But as I read through the article, I realized that if I wasn’t careful, it could be.  I don’t want to be the crazy mom who goes into debt to get her kids the latest and greatest gadgets.  That kind of nonsense is just ridiculous.  But at the same time, the decision to give Norton his own iPod was partially based on the “give-in” parenting style.  I didn’t want to deal with the whining, and I’d already set the precident by letting Norton play with my phone in the first place.  At the time, I didn’t consider it a “give in” thing.  I considered it to be the logical step after letting him play with my own phone for so long.  It was already something that we’d talked about, anyway, since the newer generation of iPod touches had features that his didn’t.

But still.  Unless I want to spend the rest of my life buying Norton (and, by extension, Eudora and Andrew) expensive gadgets, the husband and I had better discuss the give-in parenting style.

Have you ever made any purchases that might be what the article considers to be “generation give-in”?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. It is an easy trap to fall into! I think it’s even worse if you only have one child! We already have the cell phone incident but I have stood firm on not buying him a touch. He also takes the Kindle Fire, I-Pad or DS whenever they are out. Our solution I was sure would be a winner. Last Christmas he got a leappad from Santa and je plays it like crazy at the stores and such…just don’t get out your phone or he wants that too….sigh


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