August Child Consumer Product Safety Recall Round Up!

Every month, tons of items are recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, but unless it’s the big recalls (like the Bumbo chair), you won’t necessarily hear about it on the news.  Here’s the recalls you may have missed from August.

Alex model 786 Little Jumpers Trampoline – This item was recalled by Health Canada on August 1 (but was recalled by the CPSC in July) due to the potential of the handle breaking, thus presenting a fall hazard.

Alterego Leopard Costume ­– The costume was recalled by Health Canada because the marabou fringe doesn’t meet the textile flammability requirements.  Customers are to throw the costume away.  For more information, contact Value Village on their website.

Babylicious crib fringe – This decorative item has been jointly recalled by the US CPSC  and Health Canada due to strangulation hazard.  Customers should stop using immediately and return to stores in the States for refund or contact the company in Canada for a refund.

Bumbo – This item was again recalled by both the CPSC and Health Canada on August 15 because of kids tipping out.  Skull fractures, etc, all because parents aren’t following the warning label in the first place.  Discontinue use and get a strap from the manufacturer.  Contact information available here on my Bumbo recall blog post.

Care Bears Pacifier – The Care Bears pacifier has been recalled by the CPSC due to choking hazard.  There have been reports of the nipple coming detached from the pacifier.  Contact the manufacturer for information on full refund.

Danson Decor Ladybug CostumesHealth Canada has recalled the costume because the marabou trim doesn’t meet textile flammability standards.  Customers are to throw the costume away at once and may contact the company for more information.

Feather Witch Halloween Costume – This is an expansion of a 2008 recall by Health Canada.  Recalled because the item doesn’t pass the flammability standards.  Consumers are advised to throw the costume away.  You may contact Fun World for more details.

Meijer youth bikes – Several brands of youth bikes sold at Meijer’s stores have been recalled by the CPSC due to risk of the pedals coming loose or detaching during use, causing fall hazard.  Stop using the recalled bikes and return them to the store for exchange or refund.

Micro Scooter by Kickboard USA – This scooter has been recalled by the CPSC because the plastic kick guard over one of the wheels can crack, posing a laceration hazard.  Consumers should take the toy away immediately.  Kickboard USA will provide a replacement.

Monarch Specialities Inc bunk bed – Recalled by Health Canada on August 2 due to the potential of the rails breaking, causing fall injuries.  Don’t use this bed; there’s no fix.  Instead, return it for a refund.

Mother’s Touch bath and Deluxe Baby Bathers – This Summer Infant product has been recalled by the CPSC and Health Canada.  If a baby is carried out on the bather, it can fail, causing baby to fall out.  Contact Summer Infant for repair pieces, and don’t use the bather to lift out baby.

PBTeen Beadboard bunk beds – These bunk beds have been recalled by the CPSC due to injury risk.  Thirteen of the panels have been reported to have broken, though no injuries have occurred.  If you have this bed, stop using it immediately and contact the company.  PBTeen will do an in home installation to repair.

PJ’s by My Clothes– Recalled by the US CPSC due to violation of the federal flammability standard.

Rubie’s Let’s Pretend Garden Fairy CostumeHealth Canada has recalled this costume due to failure to meet textile flammability requirements.  Consumers are to throw away the costume immediately and contact the company with further questions.

Supercycle SC1800 Youth Bikes – These bicycles, sold at Canadian Tire, have been recalled by Health Canada as the pedals can loosen or detach, causing a fall hazard.  Consumers should return the bikes to Canadian Tire immediately for inspection and repair.

Toysmith Animal Snap BraceletsUS CPSC has recalled them due to laceration hazard.  Return to the store for a full refund.

Zen Magnets Rare Earth Magnet BallsUS CPSC has filed suit against this company due to a child choking hazard and the company not taking adequate recall steps.  Discontinue use at once!

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  1. WHAT an AWESOME service!! Thank you for putting everything into one spot! WOW!!!!!! You are awesome!!
    I’m here from the Alexa Mania and I’m so glad I found you!!
    I’m off to write a Alexa review too.

  2. I am always glad they actually do recalls on defective items for children. Sometimes its an absolute shame they ever made through the assembly line to have to be recalled….just my two cents….


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