Compression Leaks Have Me Rethinking Microfiber Inserts

Up until this point, I have been madly in love with microfiber inserts in my cloth diaper stash.  Microfiber inserts hold lots and wick away moisture, which is crucial when you’ve got a baby as prone to diaper rash as my little Eudora.  Unfortunately, we’re having a little problem that I’d only read about.

Compression Leaks Have Me Rethinking Microfiber Inserts (Cloth Diaper Addicts)We’re experiencing compression leaks.

Eudora’s compression leaks are not an issue with overnight cloth diapering (like you might expect).  Instead, we’re finding that our compression leaks are an issue when she’s participating in her favorite activity ever: jumping away in her jumperoo.  She loves and adores her jumperoo.  Her little legs will pump up and down, and she laughs and giggles as she bounces away.

At least, she laughs and his happy right up until she isn’t, and that’s usually when she’s jumped just enough to get herself completely and utterly saturated.

There are, of course, some solutions to my compression leaks issue.  The obvious one is “change her more often than every couple of hours.”  I try to do that, assuming that I’m not distracted by my delightfully demanding two year old or being tripped by puppies.  There’s one other solution that I’m finding effective: minky inserts or natural fibers.

As much as I’ve blown off natural fibers, it seems kind of funny that now, two and a half years into using cloth diapers, I’d suddenly be “YAY hemp and bamboo!”  But I am.  When we’re using hemp inserts, we’re less likely to have any sort of leak.  I just miss the wicking aspect.  Fortunately, minky seems to do a great job of wicking, so that helps.  It’s also one more reason that I love my Fuzzi Bunz Elites.

Have you ever dealt with compression leaks?  What changes did you make to your cloth diapering routine to deal with the issue?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I made it to about 14 months of age with DD before daytime compression leaks really started to be an issue for us. Since the majority of my stash is BumGenius 4.0’s, I opted to replace my one-sized MF inserts with Thisties hemp inserts (2 packs are about $10). Nice and soft just like cotton, unlike some other hemp inserts… to combat the wicking issue, I use the newborn sized MF insert that came with the BG’s.. nice and trim for daytime and no more compression leaks.

  2. We have had some compression leaks, usually they happen when we are not at home and I haven’t changed as regularly as I normally do. Now my going out diapers are all made of natural fibers, I either use Grovia AI2, Bumgenius elementals, or applecheeks diapers. At home I ususally don’t have any issues with the microfiber inserts.

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