Little Beetle Little to Big One Size Organic Fitted Cloth Diaper Review

Last September, I ordered a whole bunch of diapers from a store in the States.  I didn’t need to add to my cloth diaper stash when I bought them, so I’ve been slowly going through them, checking them out, and writing a cloth diaper review on each one.  This time, the subject of my cloth diaper review is the Little Beetle Little to Big Beetle One Size.

The Little to Big Beetle One Size, upon first inspection, was completely different than any of my other diapers.  It’s 100% organic velour, and is just so darned soft inside that it’s amazing.  I don’t have a lot of completely organic cloth diapers, and the ones that I do have are different from each other.  As the name implies, this particular organic cloth diaper is a one size diaper.  The diaper is supposed to fit from six to thirty-six pounds, so it would, in theory, fit all sizes, even the newborn.  When the husband read on the packaging that it was made of 100% organic cotton velour made of fair trade cotton, the husband’s commentary was his usual one-liner.  “Little-To-Big Beetle One Size Organic Velour Diaper. Poop in luxury second only to fine Corinthian leather.”

Norton at nearly 18 months modeling the Little to Big

During my initial inspection, I could not figure out how on earth this diaper would be leak proof.  I didn’t see anything about needing a cover for it when I bought it.  (And if I had, I’d have skipped it.  I didn’t actually need to add to my cloth diaper stash; I bought it because I wanted a cute blue diaper in a darker color than what I had.  I dress my kids in diapers based on how well they coordinate with their outfits, after all.)  It also looked like it would run a bit small.

Still, I had just gotten it in from the States, and there was no way I was going to fool with returning it.

The diaper runs exceptionally small.  There is no chance that it would fit a thirty-six pound toddler, unless that toddler was exceptionally skinny.  I actually packed that diaper away a few months ago; Norton would take it off and suddenly be running through the house naked or bottomless.  However, since we were going to have another baby, I figured I’d see how it would do on new kid instead of selling it with other diapers that I’d rejected outright (like the Duca Duca diaper… yuck).

Eudora started a big baby, so I figured I’d give it a shot.  We started using that diaper on her when she was around nine and a half pounds… and I loved it.  Whenever I used a diaper that requires a cover, the Little-To-Big is the first I go for in my stash.  In fact, it’s the last fitted diaper that I have left.  It’s soft and comfy, and with the doubler, I can keep her in it for a couple of hours before she starts complaining (while Norton is happy in a diaper until he’s leaking, Eudora can’t stand to be the slightest bit wet).  It fit her beautifully on the smallest setting.  However, now that she’s fifteen pounds, she’s about to go up to the largest setting.

As for drying, it takes about an hour and a half on the lowest heat setting to dry, while my pocket diapers are dry in an hour.  Would I recommend this diaper?  For a newborn up to a year and a half?  Sure.  But I wouldn’t suggest it to someone who is looking for diapers to last the entire time baby is in diapers.

Have you used the Little to Big?  How did you like it?

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  1. Good to know about the sizing. I wouldn’t want to buy one for my toddler!

  2. I have never heard of this diaper before! It seems like it would be a realy comfy diaper for a little baby, I love velour!


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