Overnight Cloth Diapers for My Super Soaker Toddler

Overnight cloth diaper

Finally! We found an overnight cloth diaper solution for us. It’s not trim, but it works.

I struggled with using cloth diapers overnight for Norton.  I went through a variety of diapers.   In fact, a large part of the reason that I have so many varieties of cloth diapers started because I was on the quest for an overnight cloth diaper solution for my boy.

I bought two Bumboo fitted cloth diapers for Norton, but the husband refused to use them because the rise adjustment was just too confusing for him.  He requires a diaper that has the rise pre-set for him (and pre-stuffed if it’s a pocket diaper) so all he needs to do is slap it on a baby’s butt and go about his day.  For a while, we did all right with Tots Bots Easy Fit diapers.  That was when Tots Bots Easy Fit first came out with their old style, which was Velcro only.  We had intermittent success with that method when stuffed with a hemp doubler, but we ultimately had to give up any sort of Velcro diaper on Norton.  Right now, Tots Bots Easy Fit diapers are what I use on Eudora for overnights; I stuff them with an extra Fuzzi Bunz microfiber insert.

For well over a year, I gave up on overnight cloth diapers with Norton.  My pocket diapers weren’t cutting it.  My fitted diapers were too confusing.  My GroVia hybrid diapers just weren’t overnight material, particularly considering at that time the only inserts available were the organic cotton.   We ended up using disposables overnight.  Even that wasn’t a perfect solution; we still frequently found both Norton and his bed saturated in the morning.  Sometimes the diaper would rupture and he’d have all of those yucky microbead gel things on him.  I really didn’t like those on my boy’s bits.

Recently, I got an idea.  I thought it was pretty inspired.  Blueberry diapers have this wonderfully long insert.  It’s so long that it folds completely in half and covers the entire length of the diaper.  What if I tried two of those inserts?  It’s not like I was using the second long insert that I had…  At that time, I only had two Blueberry diapers: one was a spotted Blueberry diaper I bought a year ago for Norton, and the other was Eudora’s beautiful Butterflies diaper.  She’s far too tiny for that super long insert.

So I double stuffed that diaper.  It was super stuffed.  Norton looked like he had a pillow under his pajama pants.  I kept my fingers crossed that we wouldn’t have compression leaks.

The next morning, Norton’s diaper was just saturated.  It was at the point that it could have been weighed in pounds.  But his pajamas were dry.  So was his bed.

A few days after that experiment, I bought two more Blueberry pocket diapers off of a mom in my local diaper swap group.  I tried stuffing two Blueberry long inserts in the pocket with a hemp insert in the middle.  As soon as I saw Norton wearing that one, I realized that it wasn’t going to work.  The diaper was stuffed so thick that it made the rise way too low.  I took out one of the long Blueberry inserts and left one long Blueberry insert and one Jamtots hemp insert.

It was fantastic.  Norton was still soaked, but the results were even better.

Now I have two overnight cloth diapers for Norton: a double stuffed Blueberry pocket diaper and a Blueberry pocket diaper stuffed with one long Blueberry microterry insert and a Jamtots hemp insert.  Even better, it’s an overnight cloth diaper solution that my husband can use.

What are you using overnight?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I can get away with a BG 4.0 stuffed with a Swaddlebees monster long bamboo insert (I think the same as your Blueberry one – mine folds and snaps to make 3 layers of the insert, totalling 9 layers!) and a hemp booster… I have a couple of Bumboo’s on the way along with a Super Whisper Wrap 🙂

  2. We use bumboo with a bummis wrap or we use Grovia with the bumboo booster as well as the grovia booster.

  3. I have heard great things about Bumboos too–though my friend who used them always had to use the extra booster.

  4. I always got away with BG’s stuffed with hemp and MF.

  5. I use AMP pocket diapers stuffed with 1 microfiber, 1 hemp, and 1 cotton velour booster. My boy isn’t a super heavy wetter though. Have you tried fitteds? Motherease Sandy’s with a booster are really absorbent and pretty well priced.

  6. I use an amp one sized pocket stuffed with a 5layer hemp insert. But he recently started leaking so tonight I added a homemade bamboo insert too! Hopefully it works.

    • You might find that adding a microfiber insert will help. The only problem with microfiber is compression leaks, and having a natural fiber to absorb those compression leaks is greatly helpful. (Microfiber absorbs faster.)

  7. Tosha Ross says:

    I have a six year old who still wets the bed most nights. I know its bad, I honestly don’t know what to do! I have a 4 year old who never bed wet, and my oldest bed wetted and I ended up having to set my alarm and take him to the toilet every night in the middle of the night for like a year. Well… I have five children now and one is in diapers and nursing. So with that said any advice would be appreciated and also is there a cloth diaper that would fit him and keep his sheets dry so I don’t have to wash his blankets and sheets EVERY day?!! I was buying disposable which helped, but then I thought maybe soaking himself is what he needed to motivate him to go potty, but it isn’t working! TIA


  1. […] plain work.  Blueberry diapers were the first ones that managed to give me a repeatedly successful overnight cloth diapering solution on Norton the Super Soaker.  I use the long insert for Norton overnight with a Jamtots hemp […]

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