Puppy Love! (A Video)

Eudora loves her puppy, and her puppy loves her back. <3

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Ok, that little dog looks like it wants to eat that precious baby!

  2. Oh what a sweetie and I think I have already told you I am in love with her name.

  3. Such an adorable picture, the baby is so cute!

  4. So sweet! Thanks for linking up with the Tuesday Baby Link up!

  5. Oh my goodness – that is soooo sweet!

    Thanks for linking up at The Tuesday Baby Link Up! Hope to see you there again next week!

  6. Oh goodness that is too cute!

  7. There is so much love between my boy and his cats!!
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  8. cute rosy little cheeks! Adorable!

  9. Aww! My dog does the same thing, but we have a huge lab. I think she thinks the kids are her puppies sometimes… lol
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  10. Kids and animals usually go very well together. Unfortunately I won’t be able to keep my kitty because he likes to dart out the door and I’m giving him to someone who has a better situation to let him roam, but I think all kids should have an animal. My son’s allergic to dogs though.

    • Oh, no! I’m so sorry that you’ll have to have your kitty go to a new home. 🙁 Any chance your son isn’t *that* allergic? I’m violently allergic to cats, but only mildly allergic to dogs.


  1. […] same skills that a Jedi Master has, only we have limitations.  I can use the Force to tell when my dogs or my kids are doing things that they shouldn’t, but I can’t sense the disturbance in the Force […]

  2. […] Norton has also learned how to make little smooching noises.  It’s amusing as all get out when he makes those noises while pulling me close but not actually giving kisses.  (Norton no longer gives kisses.  Now he just licks.  Yes, like a puppy.) […]

  3. […] Originally written September 5, 2011.  Update: Winston has nipped Norton since then… and I have to say that generally, Norton deserves it by doing mean things like headbutting him or the like.  Winston still loves Norton, but is very wary of him because of how rough Norton can be.  I will say, though, that Winston nipped me the other day when he was going for Norton… and it hurt.  It was meant to hurt, I think, because Norton was not respecting Winston’s repeatedly telling him “No!”  However, it didn’t break the skin.  Eudora is much gentler with Winston and pets him nicely.  Winston has never shown her the slightest hint of irritation, even though Eudora is the same age now as Norton was when I originally wrote this.  In fact, he just plain adores her. […]

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