Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Review

I have a confession: I very rarely use anything other than premium diapers.  Sure, I’ve been called a cloth diaper snob because of this, but the simple fact is, I didn’t know anything about non-premium brand cloth diapers (hereafter referred to as “China Cheapies”) when I got interested in using cloth diapers in the first place.  Recently, a mom in my area had a Sunbaby cloth diaper that she was selling.  I figured, eh, why not?  It’s cute.  It has skulls.  And my beloved Happy Heinys Glow in the Dark Skull print is in need of repair.  Besides, if it didnt work out, I wasn’t really out of much money.  Other people use Sunbaby cloth diapers with great success.  So why not me?

Sunbaby cloth diaper review

Norton modeling a Sunbaby diaper

The diaper that I got in the mail was a size one Sunbaby cloth diaper.  That one size diapers actually has sizes at all seemed weird to me, but, meh, whatever.  There’s apparently little difference in the diapers.  This particular Sunbaby cloth diaper came with a bamboo insert.  I was pretty skeptical about that bamboo insert. At two layers of bamboo, it seemed awfully thin.  But, hey, I’d give it a chance.

At first, I wasn’t too impressed with the fit.  It was kind of weird on Norton, but I wasnt going to completely write it off yet.  He fought that particular diaper change like a wolverine.  (Yes, I had scratches and kicks to show for it.  Thank goodness he’s not a biter.)  Maybe the fit around the waist would be better the next time.  You know, if we could have a diaper change when he wasnt out to maim me.

The second and third times, I got better fits.  In fact, it’s a very trim fitting diaper.  I’m still crazy about the print.  And I think that the bottom row of snaps having the flat side facing in the skin and the raised side up is brilliant.  It means that it’s not going to have any chance of being uncomfortable against Norton’s skin, no matter how much he fights me.  (He fights because the wipes are ticklish for him.  Sometimes the fight ends after I’m done with wipes; other times he’s decided that he’s morally opposed to getting his butt changed and hes going to fight until the death.  Or something.)  Anything that reduces discomfort can only make the diaper change easier.

I did find a downside today, though: that thin and trim bamboo?  It’s too thin to be terribly absorbant.  After an hour and forty-five minutes, Norton had soaked through the diaper.  In fact, the husband had to change pants because Norton sat on his lap… and got the husband wet.  In terms of overall quality, the diaper does its job, but I can tell why it’s an inexpensive diaper.  It feels flimsier and like the materials are lower quality than the premium diapers that I typically use.  For its price point, it’s a good diaper.  It’s a good diaper for those who want a back up stash, can’t afford (or don’t want to spend the money on) premium brands, and for fashion diapers.  It really is a clear cut case of getting what you pay for.

I think the next time I use the diaper, I’ll try it with one of my thicker, more absorbent Fuzzi Bunz inserts.  The width is about the same.

Pros: Low price, trim fit, good fit, low rise, bottom row snap has the flat snap facing in and the raised row facing out for increased comfort.  The fit and rise actually make it a great candidate to wear under jeans.

Cons: Low rise (because if you’ve got a baby with a high rise, you’re not going to get a great fit), lower quality materials, not super absorbant

Have  you used a Sunbaby cloth diaper?  How did it work for you?


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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I really like my Sunbaby diapers. However, I use either 2 3-layer bamboo inserts or some other combination of inserts. In fact, I use double inserts in all of my pocket diapers, just in case. Otherwise, I also love the fit of Sunbabies. Good, cheap diaper. Great option for parents with a small budget!

    • I don’t use more than one insert for daily use. Even with Norton. (At night is a different story, of course.) If I have to use multiple inserts in the day to get through two hours, it’s just not a terribly absorbant insert. It is definitely a good cheap option for those on a tighter budget, of course.

  2. I love my sunbabies, they are a great diaper, they hold up well and I was able to get a great fit for my toddler. I didn’t start cd until he was almost 2. I have other brands but my sunbabies are my favorite and I can get variety for cheap. I only use size 2 and I don’t like sunbaby bamboo inserts, I found they didn’t absorb much at all, but I use alva 3 layer bamboo inserts (which are still trim but absorb much better and are better quality) in combination with a microfiber insert, for my heavy wetter.

  3. As you know, I have 6 SunBabies as laundry day backups to my otherwise all-premium branded stash 🙂 A fellow diaper snob, if you will. I also got the bamboo inserts but my diapers are the size 2 version… they certainly do the trick for the price point, but I am really disappointed in the inserts as well… even doubled up, they are too thin and simply bunch up! I have used a FuzziBunz minky with the bamboo as a doubler – not bad!

    Overall – decent diaper for the price 🙂

  4. Steph @ Just Add Cloth says:

    I have 10 sunbabies, but they are not in use right now since the ones I have run really small. I think the quality is ok for the price and they worked great as a newborn diaper,but I always had to use two inserts to get more than an hour out of them.

  5. I have not tried a sunbaby, actually all I own are fuzzibunz so I can’t comment on any other diaper..except the kushies I used 10 years ago with my son. This print is so adorable though!

  6. Fraggleness says:

    I love my Sunbaby diapers. Size 2 is a 1″ higher rise ands fits great. I use 1 microfiber insert during the day, and 1 microfiber plus the 4 layer bamboo overnight and haven’t had any leaks. Unless I were to leave him more than 3.5-4hrs in 1 diaper.

  7. Sarah Hayes says:

    I dont have this kind but I use another kind like this (still made in china but diff company) and they work great. I really dont have any complaints about them but then again i havent tried too many of the pricer diapers to compare them too.

  8. I had some Sunbabies and wasn’t a fan. They do have a low rise and my daughter has a high rise, so even though she is a lightweight and quite tiny, at 11 pounds (and 2 1/2 months) she was on the second row of snaps. The thing I hated the most were the snaps though. I prefer diapers with snaps over velcro, but these were so super tight I had to use two hands and brace myself to try and yank the diaper open, and it usually took me several tries. After trying these, and GlowBugs, I have decided I am a cloth diaper snob. You get what you pay for and I’d rather spend the money on something I enjoy putting on my daughter.

  9. I have a pair of them. I agree that the materials seem less durable than my workhorse BGs and blueberries. I got their microfiber inserts, and they seem only slightly less robust than the BG ones. Not my favorite diapers, but certainly worth what I paid for them. $20 shipped for the pair wouldn’t get me a single BG, let alone a blueberry.

  10. Thanks for the review! I had heard of Sunbabies but hadn’t tried any.

  11. Thanks for the honest review. I have been trying to decide whether to pick up a half dozen of these to supplement my stash.

    • If you’re using it for an “around the house, last thing to use before laundry day” thing, then sure. Buy it for the cute, not for the function. And put premium inserts like the Thirsties size 1 duo insert in to stuff.

  12. Thanks for the review 🙂 I’d love to see a “blind” review of a bunch of diapers where the user had no idea how much the diapers cost and didn’t know anything about the various brand name diapers.

    • That one would be significantly harder because it would require someone who knows nothing about any sort of cloth diapers at all. 😉

  13. Ordered a package of 12 with blended inserts in Nov. 2014. Still waiting for the product. The only reply that I get from Sunbaby is “no worry it should come soon.” I paid express shipping and it is now after Christmas and the ups # they provided still shows at a China sorting facility since the 6th of Dec. Sunbaby is a scam!

    • Wow. This is the first time I’ve heard of them just plain not arriving! Contact them and let them know that you either want a refund or you’ll be filing to get your money back. I’m so sorry that this has happened to you!

      • This is a really old post but readers may want to know that things leaving China will show that they are in China until after they clear customs this side of the Pacific.. Then just standard Canada Post delivery times. Showing China for a super long time is likely not a problem with Sunbaby, but Canada Customs.

  14. My stash contains mainly sunbaby, with some babybeehinds multifits and nightnappies, and some no brand China cheepies. I prefer sunbaby. They are the only nappy I’ve found to have the PUL strip across the inside of the front to prevent the fleece poking out and wicking pee onto his shirt. The snaps stay done up (babybeehinds don’t!) and I’ve not had a poo leak yet (fully breastfed 4.5month old). He wees through the babybeehind multifits. The baby beehind nightnappies are great and what he wears to bed (he sleeps through and is a heavy wetter – he was wetting through disposables). But my sunbaby nappies are the ones he goes out in, they are my reliable and cute favourites. I love how trim they are too, and much softer and more comfortable looking than the BBH.
    I agree about the flimsy inserts though, and will put babybeehind inserts in. I’m going to purchase some other brand inserts to use in my sunbaby nappies just as soon as I work out what will work best! Any suggestions?


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