The Best Bottom Diaper that Reignited My Cloth Diaper Addiction

For a while, I was doing really good with my cloth diaper addiction recovery.  Sure, I’d look longingly at new cloth diapers from time to time.  I’d read my friend’s cloth diaper blog posts and comment, and give advice on stripping issues.  But when we went to a family reunion last month, I got Eudora a new pretty purple dress.  I wanted to get a new pretty purple diaper to go with it.

Sure, I had purple diapers already.  But I only had two, and we were going to be there all day.  They were also not my favorite diapers, but were just okay.  (After I bought them, I later learned that they were rebranded Alvas.  So glad I didn’t spend much on them!  No, there’s nothing wrong with Alva, but I hate the concept of paying more for someone else’s label.)  So I had to have something else.  I just hoped that my husband would get on board.  When I asked if he’d mind if I bought Eudora a diaper to match her new dress, he didn’t even blink.  He said sure.

Little did he realize that he was reawakening my cloth diaper addiction.

I looked around the Cozy Bums site to see what was interesting.  I’d already been eyeing Best Bottom diapers ever since the Cookie Monster announcement, but I figured I’d take a peek at my old standby brands to see if there was anything that I wanted.

Nope.  I wanted to experiment.  It was time for something different.  One might consider a family reunion out in the middle of nowhere to be a risky time to try out a new cloth diaper, but I went with it.  After my lusting after the then-yet-to-be-released Cookie Monster and my friend Heather telling me how much she loves her Best Bottom diapers, I made a decision.

I bought the Best Bottom diaper in Wild Berry (when Kerri reaffirmed that they are the best place to shop with ever), got the diaper in the wash and ready to go, and took Eudora off to the reunion in that lovely diaper.

And then I was in love.  I bought more Best Bottom shells and more inserts.  I’m still eyeballing a couple more to add to my already admittedly excessive cloth diaper stash.

Check out my baby girl in this cuteness.  How could I not fall in love with Best Bottom diapers after this?

Eudora models the Best Bottom diaper in Wild Berry (The Best Bottom Diaper that Reignited My Cloth Diaper Addiction)

Eudora models the Best Bottom diaper in Wild Berry

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. She is just too cute! 🙂

  2. OH my gosh she is a DOLL!!!!! You have a lot of amazing information about cloth diapers! WOW!! I’m glad I found you on the
    Alexa Mania from Blessed beyond words. Leaving you a Alexia rating too.

  3. I completely understand this– I absolutely love my Best Bottoms. I already have a complete stash to last us until potty training– and my husband knows this, unfortunately, so every time I buy a new diaper, I get the look. I snatched up the Cookie Monster the minute I first saw it. And I heard the other day that they’re going to be releasing some new colors/prints after the ABC Kids Expo… I’m doomed.

  4. I have been debating buying a best bottom diapers for days and I keep accidentally reading good stuff about them! I ended up choosing an Apple Cheeks in Boo over the Best Bottom, now i’m wishing I had got Best Bottom :).


  1. […] it Oscar since it reminds me of Oscar the Grouch and his trash can, and it’s in keeping with the Cookie Monster shell.)  The Best Bottom Dragonfly Ripple is a slate colored PUL with an avocado […]

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