The Downside with Adorable Fitted Diapers

It’s adorable. And if you’re crazy about diapers with owls on them, how could you stand to cover it up?

I’ve been browsing for some fitted diapers to try.  I’ve already figured out that I can’t use the Bumboo diapers, even though they are awesome.  Well, I can use the Bumboo fitted diapers, but my husband, who manages the bedtimes, can’t.  So I figured that what I need for fitted diapers is something that works like a pocket diaper.  You know, the rise is already adjusted before it even goes on baby.  All that you have to do is fasten the waist and it’s good.

I’ve found a few that are like that.  But there’s a huge problem.

They’re completely adorable.

You’d think that cute cloth diapers would not be an issue for an admitted cloth diaper addict.  It’s not the cuteness of the diaper that’s the problem.  It’s the fact that the diaper is so very adorable… and it would have to be covered up since fitted diapers require a diaper cover in order to keep the liquid contained.

The idea of spending a large amount of cash on an absolutely gorgeous handmade diaper with the cutest little skulls ever doesn’t hurt me.  I believe that you get what you pay for.  (Unless you’re getting marked up China Cheapies, of course.  Then there’s a very good chance that you’re getting ripped off.)  I have no problem with paying more for a good, well-made quality diaper that works and my husband can use.  Of course, hiding those adorable fitted diapers for bedtime also makes me sad.

To be honest, I want my overnight cloth diaper choices to be the least attractive diapers in my stash.  I don’t want to cast longing looks at a pattern and wish I could show it off.  I want my overnight cloth diaper stash to be as boring as possible.  And, of course, I want them to be snap closure so that my toddler can’t take them off.  Plus I want them to be one size so they’ll fit either kid forever and all eternity.

I’m not asking much, right?  (Yeah, I know, I might as well ask for a unicorn that poops rainbows.)  What’s your fitted cloth diaper of choice?  Is it super cute or is it a simple white?  How do you cover it?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. For overnight we use Sbish snapless (I added snaps though, as the whole snappy/boingo/pin thing was not for me), Sbish OBF and Bumboo diapers. I have them all set up for my husband to use and most times he has no issues. I have some kissaluvs and good mama’s too to use with wool when I feel like it. I find that the cute good mama’s can be used without a cover for a bit, so I get to enjoy them 🙂

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