Toddler Language Development – Letters Mean Things!

I was pretty impressed when Norton taught himself the alphabet… especially considering Norton is behind in toddler language development in general.  I knew that it wasn’t an intelligence thing; the kid gets everything.  He just doesn’t do that great of a job of verbalizing things.  Not long ago, I wondered where I should go next in terms of toddler language development in order to encourage early reading.

I thought for sure that the next step would be phonics: teaching him that letters have specific sounds.

It turns out that I don’t have to teach him too much of that, either.  He’s just absorbing the idea like a little sponge.  I’m pretty sure that Sesame Street is helping a whole lot with that; there’s almost always a song that goes with the letter of the day (like that darned Tommy who is a T from Tennessee… stupid song sticks in my head for days).

While watching a “b” song today, he saw the letter “b” and said, “B!  Buh!  Buh!”

That was awesome.  Apparently, he’s already on the verge of learning phonics.  And all that I had to do to help that bit of toddler language development happen is sit back and suffer endure watch lots of Sesame Street.  And, of course, reinforce the ideas that he learns by counting with him and practicing phonetic sounds with him.

He’s also getting the idea somewhat from the Leap Frog Fridge Words Magnetic Builder.

It doesn’t mean that we’re going to bust out the Complete Works of William Shakespeare anytime soon, but it’s a good start at least.

How did your toddler pick up phonics?  Was it something that you taught, or was it just something picked up?

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