Toddler Potty Training Progress

I’ve been scratching my head over toddler potty training. I mean, seriously, I know that they are eventually supposed to stop wearing diapers and be proficient at using the toilet. But what do you do to get it to happen?

I’ve tried a few different things with toddler potty training. We got some awesome Charlie Banana swim diapers, which are commonly used as training pants. We’ve watched Elmo’s Potty Time so many times that I’ve decided I need a drinking game to go along with it. We let Norton pick out his new potty after our potty training was derailed by a painful incident with sitting on our Baby Bjorn potty. Those hadn’t been the magic bullet that I was hoping for. (He loves his underwear and even says the word, but still wets them. I don’t drink, but I’m considering taking a Jello shot every time Elmo says “potty.” And his new potty chair was more of an interesting engineering experiment: he’d take it apart to figure out how it worked instead of using the singing or stickers as a reward thing. He wouldn’t actually sit on it. That wasn’t interesting at all.)

Norton on the potty as we watch Elmo’s Potty Time

But lately, we’ve had some progress in the potty training department. It started over the weekend. He’d voluntarily sit down on his potty while we were watching TV. Then it became keeping his underwear dry for a few hours. We also had the success of Norton staying dry for an entire nap in his diaper. His naps are generally three hours long. He’s been impressing his daddy by running back and forth to sit on both potties before taking his nightly bath.

Now? We keep a potty in the living room, and Norton will often sit on it of his own accord. He hasn’t actually peed in the potty yet, but it’s an improvement. I’ll take it. It’s my fervent hope that today will be the day when he uses the potty for the first time in over a year. (We did elimination communication, and it worked well until he decided he was more interested in playing with the medicine cabinet doors than using the potty.)

If he doesn’t use the potty today, there’s always tomorrow. Or the next day.

He won’t still be in diapers by the time he gets to Kindergarten, right? A neurotypical child can safely be out of diapers for his first day of school?

How did you go about achieving toddler potty training success?


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  1. I’ve got two kids on either end of the spectrum: one precocious girl and boy with learning delays. What I’ve learned: you can bang your head against the wall, do jello shots, or watch Elmo till your eyes bug out of your head, but each kid does it in his own time. Ain’t nothing you can do to change that.

    I wrote about our toileting adventures here:

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