Toddler Talking Gets Affectionate

If you look through the archives of my blog, you can see that toddler talking has been a bit of a struggle in our household.  Dealing with Norton’s toddler language delay has been full of trials and tribulations.  (Of course, raising a toddler is full of trials and tribulations in and of itself, so I guess the toddler talking part shouldn’t be a surprise.)

However, Norton managed something that shocked me recently.

Norton is absolutely not allowed to jump on the leather sofa.  (Before you start thinking it’s fancy, it’s not.  I bought it used because the kids had wrecked my other couch.)  He’s still allowed to jump on the loveseat because I set that precedent when I thought it was adorable when he jumped on the old couch… which matched the loveseat.    Every now and again, though, he decides to test his boundaries by jumping on that leather sofa.  It’s like he needs to make sure that Mommy will still tell him no and possibly send him to his room or something.

Well, once again, he decided to jump on the couch.  I’m really annoyed because I felt like I’d spent the entire morning telling him “no.”  Just when I start scolding, I hear a sweet little voice telling me the most wonderful words he could.

“Mommy boy!”

I melted.  I was no longer angry over the behavior of a deliberately defiant toddler.  Instead, I was turning into a melting puddle of mommy goo because of some well timed toddler talking.  My little boy had just said that he was his mommy’s boy.  How on earth could I stay annoyed after that?

The jumping on the couch was completely forgotten.

Was it a fail on my part because I totally blew off toddler discipline?  Probably.  Am I setting some bad precedent by showing my son that he can get away with murder if he uses the right words?  Oh, no doubt.  However, that bit of toddler talking is something that’s way too special to ruin by following it up with a time out.  (And now that he’s used that awesome “get out of jail free” card, it will probably not work a second time.  Probably.)

What’s the most timely use of a phrase your toddler has ever said to you?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. What a sweetie!
    And, excellent timing!

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