Top Five Cleaning Products that Have Saved My Sanity

I have two children living in my home.  One is a toddler who likes to feed puppies.  The other is a baby who spits up like no tomorrow.  I also have two dogs, including a moderately incontinent Chihuahua and a Border Collie/Husky cross who sheds so much that I could make another puppy with what she leaves on my floor.  There have been days when I’ve had to clean up blood, mud, spit up, spilled beverages, food, finger paints, ink, and any number of other biohazards.

These are the products that have made it possible for me to actually keep my house in presentable condition.  Without them, just lighting a match would have seemed like a very good idea on some days.

Top 5 Cleaning Supplies That Have Saved My Sanity

1.) The Bissell SpotBot.  I love this little carpet cleaning machine.  I’ve used it to clean up mud, spilled pop, bloodstains, urine (puppy and toddler), set in stains that didn’t come out when I used my full size carpet machine, and pasta sauce.  That was in just one day.  (It was a really rough day.)  I love that I can just set the machine to clean up whatever damage Norton or a dog has done to the floor and walk away to take care of the mess-maker.  The upholstery hose and brush is great, too.  I’ve used that for one Eudora has barfed on a couch.

My Dyson is so awesome and easy that even Norton can use it.

2.) Dyson vacuum.  When I quit work to stay home, our old vacuum that my husband received as a moving out present from his parents crapped out.  My husband took me out and got me a Dyson.  I have to say, I’ve been thrilled that the old vacuum died.  My Border Collie sheds more than any animal should, and when she gets nervous, she shoots fur.  Plus, she and Norton both track in a lot of sand from playing outside.  The Dyson sucks up the pet hair in one pass.  I can also use it to vacuum linoleum and laminate floors.  True fact: I don’t collect the dog hair and sand that I sweet down the stairs anymore.  I use my Dyson and let it suck up the pile of hair that accumulates.

3.) Mr Clean Magic Eraser.  I bet you thought this was going to be a list of high end cleaning products and appliances, right?  Nope.  Plain, simple Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has done wonders.  Toddler threw his ravioli at the wall?  No problem.  The Magic Eraser takes care of it.  Crayon?  Pen?  Mr. Clean can handle that, too.  It’s also great at getting rid of the water line in the bathtub.

4.) OxiClean tabs.  I don’t just have to get blood out of the furniture or the floor.  I get to clean it out of clothing, too.  For a while, I was doing that far more often than I enjoyed.  Norton used to get nose bleeds.  Then he’d get mosquito bites, which he would scratch until they bled, no matter how much Benadryl I put on them.  I’m proud to say that as of the time that I wrote this post, I have yet to be defeated by a blood stain.

5.) Lysol disinfecting wipesI try to go greener on things.  I really do.  That’s why I go for energy efficient appliances and using cloth diapers.  (Okay, fine, it’s only part of why I use cloth diapers.)  However, I’ve tried to not use the Lysol wipes in favor of microfiber dusting cloths and ecofriendly cleaners.  It’s just not as fast and efficient, particularly when I’m trying to clean my entire kitchen before the microwave dings.  And it makes wiping down the toilet so much less unappealing.  Yeah, there are parts of housework that suck, but being able to wipe it and toss it makes it much less painful.

What cleaning products are sanity savers in your house?

Disclosure: Product links are Amazon affiliate links.  Should you make a purchase using those links, I would receive a small commission that would be used to support Motherhood Looms and Cloth Diaper Addicts.  I received no compensation or products from these companies.  This is just the stuff that I’ve bought, used, and loved.

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  1. I, too, love the magic eraser….and sanitizing wipes.

  2. I haven’t used any of the products you mentioned, but I would love to try the magic erasers! There are a few spots in my house that need some magic to get cleaned!

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