A Smart Toddler Uses Problem Solving Skills

One of the fun things about being a mom to a smart toddler is watching his mind at work.  It’s like all the effort that Norton wasn’t willing to put into talking, he put into being a little engineer.  Yesterday my little engineer demonstrated some pretty smart toddler reasoning skills.  Had it not been for him using those reasoning skills to get into things, it would have been pretty impressive.

Norton was playing with some crackers and making quite a mess.  (Not to mention teasing the dogs.)  The husband lost patience with it, took the crackers, and put them on top of the kitchen counter.  The crackers were just out of Norton’s reach.

A normal toddler might have thrown a tantrum.  Norton was unperturbed by this event.  Instead of displaying an admirable fit of rage, he chose to whip out his best smart toddler reasoning skills.  Without missing a beat, Norton got his step stool out of the bathroom and carried it to the kitchen.  The husband tripped over it…  Which is getting old since we’ve both tripped over the darned thing in the bathroom.  The husband took the little step stool away, stashing it in the top of the linen closet.

You’d think with that second thwarting of Norton’s master plan, there definitely would have been meltdown.  (I know I certainly would have expected it from my boy.  He’s not exactly the most patient child out there.)

Norton was, however, in extreme problem solving mode.  He was undeterred by his dad putting away his step stool.  He resolutely toddled down the hall to his room and came back out lugging his activity table.  Our boy put his activity table down near the counter and started to climb up on it.

It was an impressive display of toddler problem solving skills.  Of course, the husband took the legs off the table and put the crackers away.  This solved the problem of Norton trying to get up to the counter for the time being.

Granted, it hasn’t prevented Norton from pushing a dining room chair over to the microwave or from hauling his potty chair into his room in order to reach his light switch…  It seems like there’s absolutely no way of deterring Norton from climbing.  I’m pretty sure he comes by it honestly; I remember being a climber to get into things, too.  What impressive forms of toddler problem solving skills has your toddler used?  Is yours a climber, too?

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  1. My little one is a climber of note but I haven’t had to outsmart her quite the way you and your hubby have. Sounds like Norton keeps you on your toes!

  2. I have an 18 month old and I love watching him learn to discover new ideas and so on 🙂 It’s just so much fun to watch their little brains turn and grow!

  3. My son was never a climber. At 3.5 I bet he would have been content in his crib still.

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