How to Make Cloth Baby Wipes

I am completely not the crafty DIY type.  Fortunately, I’ve met people online who are.  Devon, a local mom from Prince George, recently made cloth baby wipes.  Here’s how she did it.  Thanks, Devon!

I chose to use old receiving blankets. I actually bought 9 of them for $2 from another mom. I used them to make 30 7×7 wipes (double layer). I’m big into recycling, and this is a nice way to repurpose old receiving blankets.
Wipes can be made to your size preference, I went approx 7×7. I cut 2 squares of equal size. I used different blankets for each side because it’s cute:) put the squares right sides together, and stitch around the edges. Leave approx a 1 inch gap to turn the wipe right side out.

Turn the wipe right side out through the 1 inch gap you left

Turn in edges of the gap

Hand stitch the gap closed.

Completed wipe


About Suzi

Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I made a bunch of wipes out of old clothes of mine and old receiving blankets. I also bought some flannel from the fabric store and had my grandma serge the edges and make a bunch of wipes.

  2. I never thought to use old receiving blankets for wipes! What a great idea, they would be the perfect softness!

  3. Melissa E says:

    This is great. I won’t be buying cloth wipes!

  4. Evelyn Galvez says:

    The cloth wipes I purchased at Toys R Us started to fray at the edges with the first wash. This is a great idea for all those receiving blankets that are now too small for my growing baby! I’ll be replacing those ugly store purchased cloth wipes.

  5. I am SO NOT crafty, but this is what I did! Except, after turning it right-side-out, I stitched all the way around again on the outside. (I’m assuming this is what people refer to as top stitching—but I really have no idea! LOL)


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