October Daily Play – Cookie Time!

I set out with a parenting goal for October: every single day, I’m going to make a point of doing something awesome with my kids for at least fifteen minutes.  Our first day, I didn’t manage to include Eudora in our October daily play, but I did manage to do something pretty cool with Norton: we decorated cookies!

I’d love to say that I’m an extraordinary baker who has unlimited time to roll out dough for making awesome sugar cookies, but my time managements skills seem to suck lately.  So I cheated.  I bought a cookie decorating kit when I was doing my grocery shopping.

We got out the pack and decorated.  Okay, mainly I decorated and Norton ate cookies.  Fortunately, it’s what I’d expected to happen, so I didn’t have any unreasonable expectations of how our daily play would go.  Here’s some photos of Norton and I having fun!

Decorating cookies!

A frosted toddler


A finished cookie. (I did mention that I’m not a decorator, right?)

Did you take part in any daily play with your kids?  How did it go?  (And if you blogged about it, there’s a linky at the bottom!)

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  1. It’s great you’ve decided to commit to playing everyday. It is so easy to miss out on fun time with our kids if we don’t plan on it. I’ve started writing it on my calendar to make sure I don’t put off play time. Truly, everything else can wait.

  2. This is such a brilliant thing to do, and kids love to bake. As Gina said sometimes you think you have spent quality time only to remember that you actually didn’t that day. The cookies looked great too.

  3. What a great parenting goal! I’ll be interested to see all the activities you come up with 🙂

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