Parenting Lessons Learned – Feeding Prunes

My children are great for offering me parenting lessons.  Not because they offer formal education, of course, but because parenting lessons are always learned on the job.  Usually, though, I learn things more along the lines of what not to do.

Feeding Eudora solids has been no different.   (Warning: this is a poop lesson, so you may not want to be eating while you read this.)

She’s always had poo issues.  For the first five months of her life, she essentially pooped liquid.   I’d never had cloth diapers stain until Eudora came along.  One of the things that we’ve done, under the advice of her pediatrician, was start adding five drops of probiotic drops to her formula mix.  That helped make it slightly less liquid and more goopy.  Adding solids made further changes.

Her last couple of diapers were so firm that I didn’t even need the diaper sprayer to clean them off, so I figured that maybe something to loosen them up for her would be nice.  It had also been a few days since I had introduced a new baby food, so last night I decided that I’d try something that was guaranteed to loosen up the works for her.

I fed her an entire jar of organic prunes, mixed with oatmeal cereal to give it a little texture and some thickness.

And this is where the parenting lesson came in.

When I went into Eudora’s room to get her out of bed, she was as happy as could be.  She was smiling and cheerful; gleeful baby babbles filled the room.  I picked her up and noticed that she was a bit wet through her sleep sack.  I just dismissed it as a leak since I’d put her in a disposable overnight so that I could use Boudreaux’s Butt Paste on a little raw spot that showed up from her last poo.

When I unzipped her sleep sack, I was horrified.  No, it wasn’t just a little pee leak from overnight.  Her pajamas were brown.  I unzipped and found a poopsplosion under her pajamas.

Crap.  (That was what I’d said, not just a statement of what I’d found.)

I started wiping her off as I pulled her soiled garments off.  I also yelled at the husband through the baby monitor that I’d need his help.  She needed a bath and I needed to change the crib bedding and the changing pad cover.  Plus I needed to disinfect.

Gross.  It took me twenty minutes to clean everything up, even with the husband cleaning the baby.  I considered the pajamas a lost cause and just tossed them.

So today’s parenting lesson?  No matter how much Eudora enjoys strained prunes, she absolutely cannot have the entire jar.

What surprise parenting lessons have you learned?

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  2. This is too funny! I have the opposite situation with my son – unless I feed him prunes daily, his poop is solid – which is no good for his little tummy. Go figure! 🙂


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