Using Cloth Diapers with 2 Or More Still in Diapers

Is it really any harder to have two in diapers than one?

It sounds like a common parenting dread is having two or more in diapers at the same time. When using cloth diapers, it sounds even scarier. It turns out that it’s surprisingly less awful than one might think. If anything, the advantages of using cloth diapers is even more apparent. Here are some things that I’ve figured out in my six months of having two in diapers.

1.) I’m avoiding dropping $80 or so a month at Costco on a couple of monster size box of diapers.  You hear a lot of commentary about how kids in diapers are so very expensive.  Granted I do spend a lot of money on buying cloth diapers, but that’s because I’m a crazy person who enjoys buying diapers.  I have enough diapers right now where I would never have to buy another one ever again.

2.) I never run out.  I did a little experiment.  I thought I was doing a less than stellar job of rotating through my cloth diaper stash, so I decided that I wasn’t going to put away cloth diaper laundry until I was out.  I went eight days.  Granted, I do have an obscene stash, but the point is, even if I had only half of what I’ve got on hand now, I’d still never run out of diapers for my kids.  That means that I never have to make an emergency run to the store.  Of course, that goes along with the not dropping $80 on diapers.

3.) It’s no harder to change two butts than it is to change one.  Sure, my boy fights diaper changes like no tomorrow, but that’s because he’s ticklish and hates wipes.  However, having a second butt to change in the form of a tiny Eudora bottom isn’t any extra labor.

4.) Just keep a huge wet bag.  Or better yet, multiples.  Since I have two in diapers, I have two diaper changing stations: one in each kid’s bedroom.  Then I carry the diaper into the bathroom and drop it in the wet bag after I’ve shaken out the pocket insert or dealt with poo.  I don’t have to wash Norton’s diapers differently than I wash Eudora’s.  They all go in the same Planet Wise wet bag, in the same wash cycle, and then get straightened out and sorted when I get around to folding the diapers to put them away.  I recommend three wet bags: one to use, one to wash, and one for back up.

5.) Do laundry a bit more frequently.  I’m still playing with finding out what the right ratio is for me to do my cloth diaper laundry now that I have so many more diapers to wash.  I have a high efficiency front loader, so if I let the diapers pile up for a full two days, it seems to be too much for my machine to clean effectively.  I’m still working on the soap ratios so that I get the right balance to my cloth diaper laundry routine, too.

The long and short is, everything gets bigger with two.  You do more laundry more frequently anyway, so doing some extra loads of diapers really doesn’t even figure into the equation.

Have you had more than one in cloth?  What secrets have you figured out for your success?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I had two in cloth for a few months. It was crazy, but so would having two in disposables be. I managed by washing every other day… but I did have to buy more clothes pins for the line! 🙂

  2. We’re debating. At first, my husband and I thought there was no way we could possibly have two in diapers and would have to wait until my first was potty trained. Now, we’re thinking it won’t be such a bad idea. This post definitely reinforced my thoughts. What kind of newborn diapers did you use? I was thinking of using prefolds because I’ve heard all of my OS BumGenius pockets will be too big for a newborn (And I worry about the cost of buying all of those newborn diapers for the million changes a day!).

    • I used Bummis prefolds for the first little bit, along with my GroVia One Size hybrids and my Fuzzi Bunz. I also had an eight and a half pound baby. 🙂 I don’t buy newborn sized diapers or clothing because they just don’t stay in my rotation long enough. Congratulations on your upcoming baby!

  3. Brenda Rohlik says:

    good to know! we just had our second and will be switching from disposables to cloth for both kids ASAP!

  4. Your points are very convincing that two in cloth isn’t so bad 🙂 Right now I just have 1 in cloth diapers, but we are expanding our family and a new baby will be here most likely before our first baby is out of diapers… I love cloth diapers so much that I know I will make it work… It will be a lot of laundry, but we will also save a lot 🙂

    • On the bright side, though, if you have a big enough stash, you can always just fold diapers when you get around to it, like once or twice a week. It’s what works for me, anyway.

  5. I cloth diapered 2 kids for about 6 months when my youngest was born. It wasn’t too bad at all, just a bit more laundry:) When my baby was a newborn I had to wash diapers every day but once he got a bit bigger I could go about 2 days. I had enough diapers to last a lot longer but if I waited I just had to do 2 loads anyways. I will have 2 in cloth again come December:)

  6. The hubby and I are spacing our kiddos out so that the first is potty trained before we have the second. I so would not want to do cloth with two kids, or, rather, I so do not want to do diapers with two kids at once!

  7. I love your comment: “I’m a crazy person who loves buying diapers!” You do have an envious stash!

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