Yes, I’m a Cloth Diaper Collector. No, I’m Not a Hoarder

Recently, some of my fellow cloth diaper addicts have been wondering if we’ve crossed the line from addict into a hoarder.  I was really starting to wonder if that was me; I am extremely proud of the cloth diaper stash I’ve amassed and enjoy them fully.  I also know that when I’m having a really rotten day to the point that taking up smoking seems like a good idea, buying new fluff will make me feel better.  I learned something today from watching Hoarders while folding laundry.

I am not, in fact, a hoarder.  Dr. Robin Zasio explained what a collector is.  She said, “Collectors have a system in which they organize their stuff and collect their stuff.”

With that in mind, I thought about how I store my diapers and how I treat them.  They aren’t laying around in piles and collecting.  They aren’t going unused.  They aren’t being kept because they “might be useful.”  They aren’t interfering with how I live my life.

And I most definitely do have a system for organizing my stuff and for collecting it.

I don’t buy just any diaper.  I may buy a lot of diapers as one offs in order to try them (because I do feel compelled to try every single diaper on the market so that I can review it and give advice about it), but I don’t BUY ALL THE DIAPERS.  I have to actually like the diaper in order to buy more of it after the initial purchase.  (Like BumGenius and Best Bottom diapers.  They were one off purchases that I went a little crazy with.  Same with Flip diapers.)  And since I’ve sold some and given others away, I can clearly part with them.

As for organizing, it’s organized in Eudora’s room in very neat piles on the hutch to her changing table.  In Norton’s room, my cloth diaper stash is put away neatly in drawers.  Both stashes are set up with the diapers fully stuffed and ready to go.  I do receive a lot of joy from my cloth diaper stash.  Seeing the cuteness of cloth diapers coordinating with my kids’ outfits is a bright spot.

Are you a diaper addict, hoarder, or collector?  How do you store your diapers?

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Most of Eudora’s cloth diaper stash, organized neatly in stacks above her changing table.

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Look at that stash! I am in love!!

    • Heh. That’s not even all of it. Check out the full list of everything that’s gone through my house at the “What’s in My Stash” page.

  2. You are very organized, and definitely not a hoarder! Kudos on your organizational abilities! Wish I was that organized, lol.

  3. You can never have to many..

  4. I too have quite a few cloth diapers but I am not a hoarder by any means, I don’t consider myself to be “addicted” or even a collector. I buy them because I use them. I do have more than I need but I like that it allows me some flexibility when it comes to laundry. I did see a picture once of a cloth diaper stash that had like 500 in it, and all of them were expensive brand names like Goodmama. That is crazy, but enjoying diapering your child, that’s just fun:)

  5. You are so organized!! I wish I used cloth diapers when my daughter was little..they look like so much fun!

  6. I have found that too many options complicates the laundry process. I like you have soo many different kinds because I am obsessed with trying them all in hopes to find the absolute best option. I go back and forth between preferences for one thing over another. I just recently decided it was time for a destash so I am getting rid a large amounts in an effort to simplify laundry day. So far the only thing I am for sure about is I no longer wish to utilize pockets. I LOVE CLOTH, I also love that I can resell or give to someone else to share the CD love.

    • Honestly, I do everything the same in the laundry… The only “complicated” part is stuffing the pockets, but I really enjoy that part of the laundry process. Yay for being able to re-sell! I’ve started destashing a bit myself.

  7. I think I’m an addict/collector. I like trying out everything and find that different diapers work best in different situations. Having a good sized stash of diapers for my husband is important, because he likes one system (sometimes he’ll ‘go wild’ and try a different diaper). We live in different provinces from both of our families and visit them at least once a year for a few weeks at a time. I’m going to bring all the diapers that work fine, but I don’t enjoy using to our families house this summer. There will be a mix of velcro (which family likes) and snaps (which I like). This way I won’t have to travel with a suitcase full of diapers every trip and I’m using everything I own.


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