Blueberry Diapers – A Cloth Diaper Review

Eudora modeling her Blueberry Butterflies diaper

Eudora modeling her Blueberry Butterflies diaper

I’ve had some Blueberry diapers in my cloth diaper stash for a while, but I’ve yet to do a proper review.  I got my first Blueberry diaper in August of last year for Norton.  I was really, really impressed.  I was so very impressed that I started on my one woman campaign to convince my local cloth diaper store to start carrying them.

Presently, I have five Blueberry diapers in my cloth diaper stash.  They are the one size pocket variety, no minky exteriors.  I love the fact that I get a great fit on Norton, who is around 32 pounds, and Eudora, who is roughly 16 pounds.  The diapers are actually suggested to fit from ten pounds to Not to mention, some of the prints are just too beautiful for words.

They also just plain work.  Blueberry diapers were the first ones that managed to give me a repeatedly successful overnight cloth diapering solution on Norton the Super Soaker.  I use the long insert for Norton overnight with a Jamtots hemp doubler, or just the long insert for daytime use.  With Eudora, I use the short inserts for day time use.  (I haven’t used Blueberry diapers overnight on her, but that’s because her prints are so gorgeous that I hate to use them at night.  I want to look at the pretty fluff!)  The fit is a little less trim than some of my other diapers, but when they’re that gorgeous, why on earth would you want to hide them under a pair of pants?

As for the construction, they’re made in the USA with a PUL inner that holds up beautifully.  You get two inserts (one long insert and one short) with each diaper.  The snaps are configured much like the snaps on BumGenius diapers, but they are at an angle instead of straight up and down.  I love the angle because it works wonderfully… especially if you’ve got a baby with chunky thighs.  Even if you’ve got a chicken legged baby like my Eudora, the angled snaps are still fine and dandy.

Now for what I don’t like about Blueberry diapers.  I don’t particularly like the price point.  At Nicki’s Diapers, they’re around $24.00 USD at regular price.  At Lagoon Baby, they’re around $28.00 CDN.  However, that’s a small trade off for me, as I’d rather pay a few bucks more for diapers made in North America.  I also hate how many options there are.  While this is great from a consumer standpoint, it’s harder for a retailer, and that’s why some won’t even bother carrying any at all.  That makes them a bit more difficult to find locally for some of us.

Would I recommend them?  Oh, goodness gracious, yes.  They’re gorgeous, well made diapers.  I just may have to get more in the future.

Have you used Blueberry diapers?

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  1. Those are cute diapers…of course they are on a cute little girl!

  2. I haven’t tried them… but I am trying to avoid “BUYING ALL THE DIAPERS!” 😉

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