Cupcake Covers – #FluffyXmas Spotlight

Cupcake Covers - Merry Fluffy XmasIn the beginning, I stuck to major manufacturers for my cloth diapering needs.  Lately, though, I’ve been really enjoying WAHM businesses.  One awesome WAHM business that makes great products is Cupcake Covers.

Cupcake Covers is an Etsy store that has a variety of mom and family products.  She started out with just nursing covers (or “cupcake covers”), but has since expanded.  Now Cupcake Covers offers snack bags, cloth wipes, and wet bags… among other things.  I’ve got one of her wet bags in my stash (and did a review of it), which is absolutely amazing.  I actually like that wet bag better than I like my big name branded wet bags.

Her cloth wipes?  Gorgeous.  Her snack bags are just as beautiful as her other things, and her unpaper towels have me ready to ditch my Bounty select a size and go paperless.

Aside from the quality of her merchandise (which is equal to or better than major manufacturers), you can also get a wide variety of prints and patterns to coordinate with… well, pretty much anything.  If you’ve got a jungle themed nursery, she’s got stuff to match.  I like my travel wet bags to coordinate with my diaper bags, and the monkey wet bag that I have goes perfectly with the pink monkey toddler backpack that I use to carry my daughter’s things.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can always ask.  She does custom work, plus she updates her inventory frequently.

Stop by Cupcake Covers and browse her selection!  What would you like the most from her store?

Cupcake Covers is one of our sponsors in the Merry Fluffy Christmas Blog Hop, so you’ll have a chance to WIN some of her awesome creations!

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Just checked out her Etsy shop – she’s got a lot of great stuff. I really want to start using unpaper towels and hers look great!

  2. Heidi Meier says:

    Very cute stuff. Love the unpaper towels. I need to try me some of those.

  3. I would love some Mix n Match boy wipes.

  4. I ‘m checking them out on Etsy now and love the unique selection of prints available!

  5. Kimberley Lynn Kuhr says:

    The Robots Medium Wetbag is super cute! Definitely something I’ll look into getting!

  6. I think I love the unpaper towels! So nice! Love the black damask 🙂

  7. Tiffany Condon says:

    I really would like the Teal Demask– Reusable Wipe Clutch– Mama Cloth Clutch– 9x 7!

  8. And from Lagoon Baby – I would try a RumpaRooz – have you seen that Lux print!? OMG.

  9. Sarah Hayes says:

    I love the wet bags

  10. Save the trees nursing cover

  11. I really like the Fruit Toss –reusable snack bags!

  12. I’d love the bamboo cloth wipes

  13. McKell Lyman says:

    I’d get the Travel wet bag – such cute prints

  14. Sarah Hayes says:

    I love the pocket diapers in the fun colors!

  15. I would get the Retro Red unpaper towels from Cupcake Covers!

  16. Kimberly B. says:

    Pocket diapers ;).

  17. Kimberly B says:

    Too many items to list….lol. To start I would get some more diapers and wipes.

  18. I think I might get a couple of the KaWaii Pure & Natural Cloth Diapers

  19. I would get the safari wet bag

  20. Wow what don’t I love lol. I really like the unpaper towels and cloth wipes.

  21. Ashleigh Swerdfeger says:

    The unpaper towels and the cloth wipes. So much to choose from!

  22. I like the brown dotty pail liner

  23. Vee Sluys says:

    I would get the sassy patchwork hanging wetbag

  24. I love the sassy patchwork set! Very cute!

  25. I love their Unpaper Towels!

  26. I like the safari animals wet bag, the gender neutral wipes, and the unpaper towels in black and white damask a lot! 🙂

  27. I like the

    Fruit Toss –reusable snack bag

  28. Melissa Smith says:

    I would get the sock monkey print wetbag from cupcake covers.

  29. I’d get the robots medium wetbag.

  30. I would love to get the
    Pink paisley- cloth diaper starter kit-pail liner, travel wet bag, 12 cloth wipes

  31. Melanie Makin says:

    I’d love some unpaper towels!

  32. I would love to get the
    Robots Medium Wetbag

  33. I would get the Christmas special Unpaper Towels. So cute!

  34. I love the majestic elephant print wet bag.

  35. I would buy the Birdseye and bamboo pre fold.

  36. Love the elephant wetbag as well! So cute!

  37. love it

  38. cute :p

  39. 9 Unpaper Towels- Kitchen– Black and White Damask

  40. Linda Romo says:

    9 Unpaper Towels- Kitchen– Red, Orange, Black bold floral

  41. hollylynn says:

    id get the boys mix and match wipes

  42. Andrew L. says:

    I would get the
    Gray Elephant–Gender Neutral–Pail Liner– 23”x26”

  43. I would get the robots wet bag!

  44. i would get the 9 unpaper towels kitchen in white and black …. its soo cute 🙂

  45. I love her pink paisley wetbag!

    -Hannah Avery

  46. Rebecca Rushton says:

    I love the robots wetbag!

  47. love the
    Pinky Poke –Girl–Pail Liner– 23”x26”

  48. Love the Retro Red unpaper towels

  49. Kristen Redman says:

    I’d love to have that Robots Medium Wetbag.

  50. I’d get their unpaper towels.

  51. The Robots wetbag! Even my husband wouldn’t mind carrying this around 😉

  52. gray elephant pail liner

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