Getting Dad on Board with Using Cloth Diapers

I come across a lot of people online who think that using cloth diapers is a great idea, but the partner is on board.  Usually, Mom loves the idea and Dad is grossed out, but I do have friends that are the opposite.  A big part of the parent opposed is fear of using cloth diapers based on misconceptions.  Sometimes the parent who wants cloth will go ahead and go with a system of using cloth diapers and disposables so that there are alternatives.

Getting Dad on Board with Using Cloth Diapers ( #clothdiapers #cloth1011.) Cloth is not what your parents (or even grandparents if you’re under thirty) used.  You are not going to be dealing with rubber pants and diaper pins.

2.) Start up cost is scary?  There are a few ways to diffuse the cost of buying cloth diapers.  You can shop deal a day sites.  (Just be careful that you’re not getting a rebranded diaper at an exorbitant mark up.)  You can buy used diapers.  Or if you’re in Canada, you can apply to borrow a stash from Cloth for a Cause until you can slowly buy the diapers that you need.

3.) Go for simple diapers.  My friend Kara’s husband prefers using cloth diapers with Velcro.  My husband would prefer Velcro diapers, but knows that we can’t use Velcro with Norton on the loose.  With that in mind, he prefers diapers that have an extremely simple and consistent configuration like FuzziBunz.  In fact, out of all of the diapers in my diaper stash, FuzziBunz are his favorite.

4.) Keep them ready for him.  I know for a fact that my husband would not use cloth diapers, ever, if he had to stuff pockets or fold prefolds.  Sure, all of the styles I have make sense to me, but he doesn’t get it.  And the pockets are just too hard for his huge hands to stuff.  With that in mind, when I put diapers away, they are always 100% ready for him to use.  All he needs to do is put it on baby’s bottom and it’s good to go.

What tips do you have for convincing Dad to get on board with using cloth diapers?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. “My friend Kara’s husband prefers using cloth diapers with Velcro” This was the secret to me getting the boy on board! Once he saw that they could be as easy as Pampers, he was willing to try… then after a few days, he realized HOW FANTASTIC CLOTH DIAPERS ARE!!!!

  2. My husband was on board after potty training. lol. He figured that he could do cloth after dunking and rinsing soiled underwear. I think these are some great tips!
    Mindy recently posted…It Starts With MeMy Profile

  3. My husband is ALL about the velcro. And you know what, he was even on board when it was prefolds! I admit, however, that he conveniently “forgets” how to deal with poopy ones.
    Lindsay Gallimore recently posted…Eco-Disposable Diapers: The Best of the WorstMy Profile

  4. Melissa E says:

    I have a feeling my SO will prefer reaching for some pre-stuffed pocket diapers so I have bought a few for him to use. Really helpful article!


  1. […] that it’s nowhere near as gross as he’d thought.  Go figure.  He’s amazingly on board with cloth […]

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