How Cloth Wipes Saved My Sanity (and My Face)

A wipe warmer makes using cloth wipes much easier.

Some things make using cloth wipes much easier.

For quite some time now, I’ve used disposable wipes on Norton.  I tried cloth wipes, but the rinse thing seemed yucky since I didn’t have a diaper sprayer at the time.  Convenience wasn’t an issue; we had a Diaper Genie in his nursery anyway.  Cloth wipes were really not even worth bothering with.

With Eudora, though, I hopped on the cloth wipes bandwagon.  We used our wipe warmer to keep her cloth wipes warm and moist.  We already had our diaper sprayer, so using the sprayer to rinse the poopy wipes was a non-issue.  And with Eudora, we’d found overnight cloth diapering solutions that worked with her early on.  That made me more confident about going almost exclusively cloth with her.

But with Norton, the using disposable wipes continued.  We only have one wipe warmer and we moved the Diaper Genie into his room when he got the Elmo room across the hall.  It was a while before I finally found overnight cloth diapering solutions that worked for Norton at all.  (Even disposables were pretty much a gamble with him, so if he floods out a cloth diaper, it’s just as possible that he’d have flooded out the disposable.  I’ve got about the same success rate with our overnight cloth solution right now.)  So, yeah, it wasn’t any sort of inconvenience to keep using disposable baby wipes anyway.

It was, however, frequently a battle.  I’ve lost track of how many times Norton has kicked me in the face, etc.  I finally realized that he’s ridiculously ticklish, and he’s even more ticklish in the diaper area.  He was fighting the diaper change so hard because he was avoiding tickles.

One day I got annoyed with his refusal to go into his room for a diaper change, so I just put him on the changing table in the nursery.  I used cloth wipes on a very yucky bum.  I didn’t get kicked.


Now he’s at the point where he goes into Eudora’s nursery for a butt change when he’s got a stinky bum.  It’s generally voluntarily, even.

To make it even better, he’s gotten a bit destructive with his Diaper Genie.  Twice now, he’s managed to completely unravel the refill cartridge.  The one he unravelled yesterday was brand new.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve left the wipe container out on Norton’s dresser and found that he’s strewn wipes all over his room.

So, new plan.  Diaper Genie will be moved to Eudora’s room for the occasional disposable use.  And we’ll get another wipe warmer so that we can keep a little supply of cloth wipes ready to go in Norton’s room.  Here’s hoping that continuing to use cloth wipes on Norton’s bottom will help make the diaper change a nicer process.

Are you using disposable or cloth wipes?  Why?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. We are now using disposable for my son, but we used cloth for most of his first year. We abandoned the cloth diapers and wipes when we realized we had destroyed most of them with the eczema medications he needed. The diapers would no longer absorb liquids because the ointments had created a barrier on the cloth… much like they do on his skin.

    I wish I had done some reading on stripping diapers and the like before we re-purposed them… instead, I discovered I may have been able to save them about a month AFTER turning them into rags. Doh!

    • Oh, no! Maybe you can start cloth diapering again? FWIW, though, you can also use liners to create a barrier between those creams and the diaper.


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