Toddler Language Explosion!

We’ve had our struggles with Norton in the toddler language department.  After all, he was referred for speech and language intervention when he was a year old, and I’ve written many a blog post about the trials and tribulations of a toddler language delay.

This week, we met with Norton’s new speech pathologist.  Because he was referred so early, we’re at the top of the wait list for support.  We’re no longer meeting with K.E. every six months.  Now we’re eligible to meet with K, our new speech pathologist, every week.  Of course, that’s only if the toddler language delay was severe enough to require services that frequently.

Norton is still a little bit behind… but now he’s only a couple of months behind some of his peers rather than very nearly mute.  He uses two word phrases on a regular basis, independent of us.  Sure, he heard me say “shoes on!” to him a few times when we went outside to play over the summer, but now when it’s time to go, he tells me “shoes on!” or “shoes off!” when we’re home and it’s time to run around in our socks.  He frequently

He’s starting to use the occasional three word phrase, but my greatest moment of toddler language celebration was when Norton started saying something that I say to him: Hang on a second.

That’s four words.

A beautiful, brilliant four word sentence by my little boy.

We haven’t completely kicked the toddler language delay to the curb, but he’s come such a long way since starting that toddler language delay play group in February.  K told us that there will be one for preschoolers, too, and she’ll put us on the list for it.  Hopefully he’ll get in.

Our victories are coming more and more frequently.  Norton is starting to repeat words and phrases (to the point that I actually have to watch my four letter word use).  Hopefully he’ll be completely caught up very, very soon.  Until then, I’m just going to continue to enjoy the progress that my little boy makes.

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  1. Yay……so proud of your little man….now he’s just going to take off like a rocket.

  2. So so cute! Progress and delight full of health and bliss are my wishes for you.

  3. He’s doing great!!

  4. I love proud mommy moments. It’s part of why I love homeschooling. I see the progress myself. My 9 year old is somewhat dyslexic and has had challenges with reading and spelling. But I’m so proud when I see improvements being made.

  5. My 4 year old goes to the special needs preschool program at our local school. He’s only been in it a few months for speech as well as fine and gross motor development. He’s having a little bit of a hard time grasping concepts of counting, cutting, etc. But the last month or so he talks non-stop! Just wait, cause you know it’s coming! Then you’ll be wondering why you ever took him to that speech therapist 🙂

  6. That’s wonderful lady. Its so great when we see our children are doing well. Hats off to him and keep us posted on his progress.

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