Top Five Toddler Bedroom Organization Tips

tidy toddler bedroomTidy that Toddler Bedroom Frequently

By spending five minutes here and there picking up Norton’s toddler bedroom, the debris never gets too rough.  At least once a day, I go in and do a quick clean up on Norton’s room so that things are taken care of and not destroyed.

Hang It Up!

Putting things in a dresser is a recipe for getting them scattered all over the toddler bedroom.  I hang the majority of Norton’s clothes up, which is much faster than folding and much less likely to end up all over the bedroom floor.

Tuck in the bed

When I change the sheets on Norton’s bed, I tuck the top sheet and the comforter under the end of the bed.  This keeps his bedding on his bed and turns making the bed into a 30 second event.

Avoid the toy box

Tidy Toddler Bedroom - Toy RackA toy box is a mixed blessing.  On one hand, you can quickly clean up a toddler bedroom by just throwing everything in that massive box.  On the other, it creates more mess because the small things sink to the bottom.  If your child is looking for that Barbie shoe or that particular Lego piece, everything will end up scattered all over the floor.  Oh, joy.  Instead, use a simple toy rack so that everything will go in its place.  The beauty of the toy rack is that even a toddler will be able to put things back in the proper place… and will always be able to find the desired toys with little effort.

Get your toddler involved

Sure, I can clean Norton’s room myself in five minutes.  It’s much faster if I do it alone.  But Norton doesn’t learn anything if I do it for him.  That means that sometimes we slow it down so that Norton can gather up his own blocks and put them in the appropriate bin.  Norton will sometimes vacuum his own room, too.  It may not be as thorough of a job as what I’d do, but that’s not the important part.  What’s important is that he’s learning how to do it for himself.

By doing all of these things, you’re keeping a manageable room and developing good habits for your child.  Just keep in mind that he’s not going to do everything just like you do it… and he may surprise you with some organizational ideas of his (or her) own.

How do you keep your toddler’s bedroom organized?

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  1. Just want I needed for my boys room. THanks

  2. My toddler loves to be organized. If it is clear where something goes it will most likely be put back! She loves her book bucket. It slides under her bed and holds 4 or 5 of her favorites for bedtime reads.

  3. Wow your toddlers have a very clean room. Mines on the other hand looks like a pig stye. I agree with the toy box. We have four and they seem to just look like we tossed it all in one place before company came over.

    • Growing up, my room was a hoarder room. I had too many toys and not enough reasonable storage space. I had a path to get through my room. I want better than that for my kids.

  4. We had to ditch the toy box after there were too many head bonking and finger pinching incidents with the lid. The room looks great!

  5. I really like the toy rack idea. This is a total duh moment for me. Why in the world didn’t we think of that! 🙂 Not only will this be great for the kiddo but will hopefully save some time searching for that one toy that she seems to need right then and there. I can’t help but wonder how many hours of life have been spent searching for the toy that turned out to be lodged in the bottom of the toy box!

    Thanks, great ideas.

  6. All great ideas!
    I hate toy boxes! They are just a mess collector. Nothing that goes in there is ever played with again.

    • I agree! I wish my parents hadn’t done the toy box thing with me. It might have lead to less tears about the mess in my bedroom.

  7. My aunt would appreciate this post! 😉

  8. Laurie Floyd says:

    These are great tips!! Very important to get your toddler involved…teach them early!!!

  9. Great, great tips! I need to get the ball rolling on some organization for my daughter’s bedroom with the second baby on the way. Thanks for the tips!

  10. Amanda McMahon says:

    thanks for this post – my boy/girls share a room and it is true – gotta keep it tidy as you go or it can get out of control!

  11. I could really use these tips. Thanks so much.Some days, I don’t really want to peek inside my toddler’s room because I know there will be a huge mess waiting to be cleaned up by me.. But I think if I just follow what you said here, cleaning up could be a bit easier 🙂

  12. I agree with not using a toybox. I have a toybox that my great-grandfather made for my grandfather that has been handed down and we only use it for 2 or 3 big things. When my oldest was little I used it for all of his toys and it was a nightmare. I need to get rid of the basket in our living room that is no better than a toybox in terms of things getting buried.
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