Christmas Traditions – Our Tacky Tree

Christmas Traditions – Our Tacky Tree

All ornaments are shatter-proof and are made as the season goes on.

It’s amazing how Christmas traditions change when one has small children.  When my husband and I first moved into our house, Andy lived with me and was seven years old.  He was young enough to still believe in Santa Claus, but old enough to not do stupid things with glass ornaments.  My husband went nuts with our tree: it was beautifully done in silver and blue.  He took the time to buy strings of blue lights and strings of white lights, then sit down and swap out bulbs so that the lights were alternating blue and white.

We maintained that beautifully done tree as part of our family Christmas traditions for Norton’s first Christmas.  When Norton joined us, we put up a Super Gate around the tree.  Last year, though, we changed things up.  There was no way that I could jury rig a barrier around the tree.  Norton would just go around it.  Instead, we made ornaments with Norton and only used homemade, child safe, non-toxic stuff to make them.  No glass ornaments, et cetera.

We don’t have a day of decorating the tree together.  Instead, we’ve adjusted our Christmas traditions so that decorating the tree is an ongoing event.  Sure, Daddy hangs the lights and the garland, but the ornaments only can go up as quickly as we make them.  Our tree becomes filled with kid-friendly ornament ideas that I find on Pinterest as the holiday season wears on.

The pro tree

This is what our tree looked like before having little fingers.

Do I miss the beautiful tree that looked like it should have been in a department store?  Sure.  But this is a way to make our Christmas traditions much more kid friendly.

What adjustments did you make to help your Christmas traditions be more kid friendly?

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