Counterfeit Cloth Diapers – Who it Hurts

This is a real GroVia. No counterfeit cloth diapers here!

Buying responsibly can help avoid getting counterfeit cloth diapers.  (This one is real.)

We’ve heard about counterfeit cloth diapers and cheap knock offs being distributed.  I figured it was time to ask some diaper manufacturers how counterfeit cloth diapers impacts both customers and consumers.  Kim Ormsby, founder of GroVia, was kind enough to respond.

1.)    How pervasive is the counterfeit cloth diapers issue?

It is impossible to put concrete numbers, but the counterfeit diaper issue is very significant and growing.   The modern cloth diaper market is RAPIDLY growing and legitimate brands are working hard to meet the market demand in the U.S.  This has spawned a large number of counterfeit diapers both made overseas and here in the U.S.  Patent infringement, copyright infringement and products not meeting the CPSIA standards have flooded the U.S. diaper market.

2.)    How can buyers spot the fakes?  Do you authorize any diaper stores on eBay?

The best and more recommended way is to make sure you are buying directly from an authorized retailer.  Avoid coops, auction sites, and “buying direct from factory”.   We do not currently have any authorized diaper stores on eBay.

3.)    How does counterfeiting impact you as a seller?

As a legitimate and growing household brand we spend an incredible amount of time and money on product development, artwork, third party testing for safety, and protecting our intellectual property.  This means our customers can trust that the product they are buying is high quality, safe, and ethically manufactured.  This cannot be said for counterfeit products.  The price of counterfeit products is attractive to today’s families, but it comes at a great cost to legitimate brands who truly have the safety of American children at heart.   If buying the most inexpensive diaper is the driving force for U.S. consumers, they will eventually be left with a host of counterfeit products to choose from and very few U.S. brands.  Legitimate U.S.  and WAHM (Work At Home Mom) brands will be squeezed out of the market.

Customers concerned that they cannot afford to purchase diapers from U.S. brands should consider prefolds/covers, buying second hand diapers, or buying package deals with a discount.  The fact is, that even buying the most expensive brand of cloth diapers you are saving money over disposables.

Thank you so much, Kim, for answering some questions!

Have you ever ended up with counterfeit cloth diapers?  What was your experience?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Anne Sweden says:

    Very interesting! I know some mothers swear by the Ebay diapers they buy, but still the customer service and warranties are lacking, so if you ever have a problem, there’s no recourse. If you don’t have problems, consider yourself lucky!

  2. I have never used cloth diapers but I am considering it with my second child. Thanks for the heads up and the information!

  3. Thanks for sharing the great information. I don’t use cloth diapers but I will share with friends that does.

  4. I did not even know that counterfeit diapers were an issue. Thanks for sharing this information!

  5. Thank you for sharing this information.

  6. Good to know! I’ve personally never purchased diapers from eBay so I don’t think I’ve run into counterfeit issues but I’ve heard of it happening!

  7. I don’t think I have any “counterfeits”, but have purchased cheaper one-size “no name diapers” that were a few bucks a piece only because we were in a situation that we could not afford the $20+ diapers. We literally had a few dollars per day for groceries. I did try to purchase used, but many were not that much cheaper than new. We did have pre-folds, but US made covers aren’t that cheap either. We used the Gerber pants, but they wouldn’t last very long and I felt like I was always replacing them.

    With child number two, it was a little different and I added some WAHM & US made diapers to my boys stash just because my husband and I were in a position that we could afford to buy those diapers.

    I definitely think that counterfeiting is wrong, but I really would not place judgement on someone who decided to buy a non-US diaper (especially when most of the products sold here in the US are imported, even cloth to make US-made diapers) because a few dollars per diaper really does add up.

    Don’t get me wrong, I try to support WAHM’s and US companies as much as possible, and encourage those around me to do so too.

  8. Thanks for this post. It is awesome Kim was able to speak on this issue. I but from long term retailers, so I havent been faced with this problem, but I know it is real. We need to save money these days, so it is hard to not grab a deal that might be too good to be true. Again, thanks!

    • I also do my shopping with authorized (and reputable) retailers, so that makes my world nice. But, yeah, it’s totally awful for people who shop for that deal only to end up with not so great diapers!

  9. I own a used cloth diaper store and have thankfully never seen a counterfeit diaper in person. I can completely understand wanting to buy cheap to save money but there are reasons why diapers cost what they do – quality and workmanship.

  10. i also think this is very interesting i personally have not bought from ebay… and dont think i ever will.. but i can totally understand Alanna’s point of view as far as buying cheap ones because of being on a budget.

  11. I will be CDing in April and have just started to buy. i had no idea this was even an issue! Thank you for the info.

  12. I was looking into buying some china cheapies when I first started cloth diapering and I am very thankful that I decided to spend a little more and buy a stash of fuzzi bunz. The china cheapies would have definitely worn out by now but my fuzzi bunz are still going strong and the ones that did have problems were replaced very quickly by fuzzi bunz.

  13. Jessica Young says:

    Most of the ones on Ebay are the originals and are purchased wholesale by people and rebranded for a 300% markup.


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