Vtech Baby’s Learning Laptop – Sturdy and Durable

For Norton’s first Christmas, we went a bit overboard on buying presents.  Granted, my family tradition is excess, so it’s not surprising.  We still have Norton’s toys from that first Christmas.  Some he still plays with, others he’s outgrown and have been passed on to Eudora.  Then there are those that they “share.”  The Vtech Baby’s Learning Laptop is one that they “share.”

(How well Norton shares with his sister is the subject of another post.  Or will be, anyway.)Vtech Baby’s Learning Laptop – Sturdy and Durable (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

The great thing about the Vtech Baby’s Learning Laptop is that it’s exceptionally durable.  It has to be, as it’s recommended for children from six months and up.  The hard plastic case means that it’s light enough to be carried around by even the youngest baby, but it’s also durable enough to be bashed around.  It’s easy to clean.  It’s been drooled on, spit up on, and licked by dogs, and still looks like it’s brand new.  The battery life is awesome.  Even though it’s nearly two years old, it’s still running on the original set of batteries.

As far as educational quality goes, it’s sort of… meh.  The lid opens and closes.  The mouse goes up and down.  The computer voices these things as it goes, so it helps with the idea.  But the whole pairing the button pushing to what flashes on the screen is sort of… abstract.  The musical aspect of it is the best part.  The talking doesn’t even annoy me… but on those occasions that I’m not in the mood, it does have an adjustable volume.  The only downside is that it doesn’t look enough like a laptop to my littles, which means that my laptop is much more interesting.

Right now, it’s a toy that Norton and Eudora don’t fight over too much.  Norton is content to let Eudora push the buttons while he dances to the music.  It’s a toy that I’d definitely recommend.  It comes in a gender neutral blue, red and yellow model and a much more girly pink model.

Do you have the Vtech Baby’s Learning Laptop?  How do you like it for your littles?

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  1. What a great review. I like this Vtech toy.

  2. We actually do have this and it was one of my kids favorites when they were littler. Definitely durable and has lasted through 2 kids already.

  3. We don’t have one of these yet. But we love Vtech toys. I like that they have gender neutral colors.

  4. Battery life is SOOO important. Love the gender nuetral too – we will be TTC soon and we don’t want to find out, so this would be great for registry!

  5. My daughter had something similar to this last year for Christmas, she didn’t know how to work it but surely enjoyed slamming it around so it’s good that they make them sturdy.

  6. Great review, and your picture is truly a testament to just how durable this toy is.

  7. My daughter has one of these and LOVES IT

  8. Thanx for sharing your review, I will differently look into getting one!

  9. Marybeth says:

    We do have one of these! We’ve had it for ages- my girl is five now and she still loves it. She likes to get her “computer” out and type while I’m blogging 😀

  10. Renae C. says:

    I don’t have the Leaning Laptop yet, but I love that it comes in pink! I think that my two girls would be much like yours. When my littlest lady gets to be that age, I am sure that my older one would love to dance while her little sister pushes the buttons!

  11. Virginia @thatbaldchick says:

    SOOOO cute!

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