All-in-Two Insert Absorbency Test

One of the questions that people have when they realize that “which diaper is the best” is outrageously subjective is “well, then which diaper holds the most?”  I’ve been going through and testing insert absorbency on some of my diapers.  This time, I’m going to do some all-in-two insert absorbency tests.  I’ll test the all-in-two insert absorbency of Flip Organic, Flip Stay Dry, and Swaddlebees Capri.

All-In-Two Insert Absorbency Test (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

How I Performed the All-in-Two Insert Absorbency Test

I did my best to keep it as scientific as possible.  I weighed each insert dry, then soaked an insert in one liter of water for two minutes.  After that, I removed then insert from the water and let it drip for 60 seconds.  Once it dripped, I weighed the all-in-two insert again.  Finally, I gently wrung out the all-in-two insert and weighed again.  The only variable is the human factor: I tried to apply the same amount of force in the wringing process, but because I did not use a machine, it won’t be exact.  I used metric because it’s a more precise unit of measurement and 1mL of water weighs 1g.  One cup is approximately 255mL.

Flip Organic All-in-Two Insert

All-In-Two Insert Absorbency Test - The Flip Organic (Cloth Diaper Addicts)The Flip Organic all-in-two insert is made from 100% organic Oeko-Tex cotton.  The Flip Organic dry weight is 140 grams.  After soaking for two minutes and dripping for a minute, it weighed in at 542 grams.  That means that the Flip Organic all-in-two insert absorbed 402mL of water, which is roughly 1.7 US cups.  After wringing, the insert weighed in at 503 grams (or 503mL), or held 363 mL of water.  Translation: 1.53 cups of water was held.

Where to buy: CozyBums (Canada)

Flip Stay Dry All-in-Two Insert

All-In-Two Insert Absorbency Test - Flip Stay Dry (Cloth Diaper Addicts)The Flip Stay Dry All-in-Two insert is made from 3 layers of microfiber and topped with one layer of microsuede.  The microsuede wicks away the moisture while the microfiber absorbs it.  The dry weight is a super light and trim 69 grams.  After soaking for two minutes and dripping for one, it weighed in at 386 grams.  That’s 317mL or 1.34 cups.  After wringing, the insert weighed 299 grams.  That’s 230g of water weight, which is .97 cups.

Where to buy: CozyBums (Canada Only), Nicki’s Diapers

 Swaddlebees Capri All-in-Two Insert

All-In-Two Insert Absorbency Test - Swaddlebees Capri (Cloth Diaper Addicts)The Swaddlebees Capri insert is made of layers of birdseye cotton topped with a layer of microfleece for wicking.  Because this system comes in two sizes, I tested the size two inserts.  (Well, actually, I tested the size two inserts because that’s what I had.  But the fact that it comes in two sizes is pretty relevant.)  The dry weight is 92 grams.  After soaking for two minutes and then the one minute drip, the Swaddlebees Capri All-in-Two insert weighed 434 grams.  That means that the Swaddlebees Capri insert held 332 mL of water, or 1.4 cups.  After the ringing, the insert weighed 365 grams, or held 273 mL of water.  Translation: 1.15 cups.

Where to buy: Nicki’s Diapers, Lagoon Baby

I was pretty surprised by what I’d found.  I love the Flip Stay Dry inserts best out of the three, yet those are the ones that held the least.  It just goes to show that while the Flip Stay Dry is scientifically the worst, it’s still the cheapest of the three options and the one that works best with my kids.  Did anything from this experiment surprise you?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Sharisse Lopez says:

    Sometimes we like products for reasons other than efficiency. I’m actually surprised by the results because I’ve read wonderful things about Flip Stay Dry!

  2. This was a great post. You learn new things everyday..

  3. GREAT test! I love the visuals!

  4. My_Twisted_Fairytale says:

    Cool test! Thanks for the visuals 🙂

  5. Kim Baggett says:

    I’ve only tried the Flip stay drys out of this group, I find them more effective than some of the other diapers in my stash (BG 4.0 for example). I would have loved to seen the Best Bottom inserts tested too.

  6. Gina Hodes says:

    Great test idea! I will have to try this with the inserts I have been having issues with to see if it is my user error or not!

  7. Rachel N says:

    Thanks for this. You should do it again with more inserts, great to know.

  8. Did you test the flip organic night insert or the day insert?

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