Rainbow Brite’s Updated Look and Making Excuses

This morning, I was happily perusing Facebook when I saw an image of Rainbow Brite.  Actually, it was the old Rainbow Brite that I played with back in the 1980’s next to the updated Rainbow Brite.  Stupidly, I clicked the comments.

Rainbow Brite's Updated Look and Making Excuses (Motherhood Looms)

I wasn’t surprised to see that a lot of us didn’t care for our childhood toy being updated.  I haven’t heard anyone of my age group who is particularly fond of the new Strawberry Shortcake, either.  And I was really not thrilled with the changes made to My Little Pony.  That being said, I was just floored when I read this.  (And all typos are from the poster.)

“rainbow slut is more like it go back to the first one u damn idiots hate when people try to change struff its not like we need more trash slutty things on the street for our kids to be like dressing like that gets our kids rape and killed walking around looking like street walkers”


I’m not exactly thrilled with the need to sexualize our children.  I’ve referred to the phenomenon of dressing little kids in things that are based on provacative adult wear (like little girls in pleather minis and fishnet tights) as “prostitots.”  But no.

Our children are not raped because of what they are wearing.  They are raped and killed because there are some very, very depraved individuals out there.  In fact, maybe, just maybe instead of blaming a victim of sexual assault for what she was wearing, we teach our sons that it’s not okay to rape.

Women and children are not raped because of what they are wearing.  Some are pedophiles who are sexually attracted to children.  Some rape because they want to take away someone else’s power.  It does not matter how a woman is dressed.  It does not matter how a child is dressed.  When a woman does not consent, that’s the end of it.  Even if she consents and changes her mind.  A child cannot consent.

I’m not a fan of Rainbow Brite’s new look, either.  But to use her new look as an excuse for rape and murder is intellectually dishonest at best, and victim blaming at worst.

What are your thoughts on Rainbow Brite and other kid toys being updated and sexualized?

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  1. Long time, no see!! I agree with you. I’m not happy about all of the changes! But, you’re right. Any of the violence, etc. can NOT be blamed on anything that the victim does or wears. It is the criminal’s fault, completely.

  2. its akin to the picture gone viral that a woman is holding a poster, that says something to the effect of “if my skirt provokes you to rape me, your stupid face provokes me to punch it”.

  3. Sickening. I agree: We need to teach our children that rape is wrong, not that the victim some how instigated the crime.

  4. No! Don’t touch my Rainbow Brite! She was so cute and now she’s way too grown up looking.

    • Is it sad that one of my first thoughts was “Wow. She has knees. How odd!” And I’m also kind of sad, now, that I gave all of my old My Little Pony and Rainbow Brite toys to my cousin’s daughter fifteen years ago. 🙁

  5. Wow…what a weird comment! This person needs a wake up call. I can’t stand that things our kids play with are made to look prettier or sexier, but there is no link to that and rape for sure!

  6. Appearance does not give the excuse for rape, and it’s true that not all women who are raped are attractive. However, I do believe that our society has a problem with sexualizing younger girls which increases the chances of them being involved in some risky situations. That being said, it is still not a reason for them to be raped.

    Personally, I am saddened that Rainbow Brite’ image has been changed (along with many other cartoon characters), little girls should be encouraged to be little girls…not a sex symbol.

    • Agreed. While it’s really simple to just, you know, not rape, it doesn’t seem to be something that everyone can manage. :-/ We need to be cautious not to put ourselves in risky situations, but even then, rape is solely the fault of the rapist. But I do miss little girls just plain being little girls.

  7. I like that they are coming out with all of the toys we played with as kids, however, I wish they would keep them like the originals!

    It seems that in games, toys, you name it, everything is sexualized which means parents have to be more on top of things with their kids and show and teach them what is right and wrong. Our children need to learn to be held accountable for their actions, not blaming everybody else because of choices they make.

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