Scary Things #30things Day 2

Everyone in the world has some scary things that just make their skin crawl. (Come on. Even if it’s not fear of something tangible, like… fear of the number thirteen, also known as triskaidekaphobia.) Day two of the “thirty things my kids should know” challenge focuses on just that: three legitimate fears and how they became fears.

How Rats Became Scary Things

Scary Things #30Things

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Like most things that seriously creep me out, I blame my mother for causing me to be afraid of rats. When I was a little girl, a swamp rat got into the bathroom. My mother saw it, closed the door screaming, and jammed towels under the door to make sure that it couldn’t get out. She screamed for my father to kill it and he went in with a shovel. While he was in there, my mother was terrified and wouldn’t let me get down off the bed.

Thanks, Mom. Now I can’t stand any form of rodent with a tail.

How Snakes Became Scary Things

Once again, I have to say “Thanks, Mom!” Again, I was a little girl. We had finches in a massive walk-in cage in one of the rooms. Finches are like snake bait. Somehow, a snake was on the freaking wall. My mother panicked, snatched me up, and screamed for my dad. Once again, she ran off with me while my father came in with a shovel.

sigh. And now snakes are just creepy. Fortunately, we don’t have snakes in British Columbia. That alone makes it a place worth living.

How Getting Separated Became a Scary Thing

When I was a little girl, maybe three or so, I got separated from my parents at the Sears store at University Mall in Tampa. My mother was looking in one area and my dad was in another. I was with my mom, wanted to join my dad in the tools section, and got lost. Obviously, I ended up back with my parents, but that was largely due to a lady who held my hand and walked with me until we found them. I was worried that they forgot me and left. To this day, I’m still not too hot on separating when shopping. I think the only reason Im okay with it now is because of the creation of cell phones. Well, that and I know my husband won’t forget me.

Do you have weird scary things that bother you?

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