Starting Preschool – Norton’s Latest Milestone

Starting Preschool - Norton's Latest Milestone (Motherhood Looms)I’ve had to come to some realizations with Norton lately.  One of them is that he really, really needs to be around other kids more.  The other is that I’m too much of a shut in to make sure that need is met.  That has caused me to revise some of my original parenting plans… and it’s also led to us starting preschool.

Starting preschool was never in my list of things to do.  My plan was to homeschool both of my littles and give them a far superior education to what they’d find in public schools.  It’s my expectation that both of my kids would belong in gifted programs, and gifted programs here are fairly non-existent.  So now I’ve re-evaluated and done a parenting plan reset.  Norton is now officially a preschool boy instead of a toddler.


I have to say, starting preschool was a lot easier than we’d anticipated.  I only had a night’s notice since we weren’t sure if there would be room for him in the school that we’d wanted him in.  But fortunately, Norton’s only knowledge of preschool was based on Sesame Street presenting it like a wonderful thing.  Oh, and the weekly toddler language delay playgroup that Norton went to last spring.

I didn’t say anything to Norton about starting preschool until he was getting out of bed.  He was just so excited about going on this brand new adventure.  When we got to his new preschool (which was really an easy thing for me to go with; it was the same care provider that kept Andy after school when he was a little boy), Norton just took off.  He wandered up the stairs with a big smile on his face.  He was saying hello to every child he encountered.  He sat right down in a chair near me to graze from the fruit tray on the table for open snack time.

And of course, when he saw the carpet on the floor with a beautifully laid out wooden train set, he was hooked.  I suspect that starting preschool was like Norton’s view of toddler preschool heaven.  When I finished filling out the paperwork and got ready to leave, Norton quickly gave me a bye kiss and ran back off to play.

Wow.  No separation anxiety whatsoever.  How awesome is that?

After I left, though, everything wasn’t quite so seemless.  He didn’t care for clean up time.  He wasn’t cooperative for circle time.  (None of these things are particularly surprising; he didn’t care for those aspects of toddler playgroup, either.)  And since I didn’t know about daily outside play time, I didn’t bring him a snowsuit, so he was pretty cold and crying quite a lot when I got there.

Still, though, starting preschool was a pretty grand adventure.  I think he’s going to be thrilled to go back tomorrow.

Did you do preschool with your little ones?  How was starting preschool for them?  And you?

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  1. Congratulations Norton 🙂

    My toddler will be 2 next month and will be starting pre-school in the fall; as for now she is doing ABCMouse and LOVES it. She’ll continue abc mouse even after she starts school.

  2. I’m glad that Norton’s preschool adventure went over without too many issues. It’s great that you saw his need to be around kids his own age and revised your original plan and sent him to preschool. That is awesome, and I really hope you and Norton appreciate the time he is at preschool starting this grand school journey!

  3. My daughter went to preschool and she cried for a bit but she eventually got used to it and loved it. 🙂


  4. What a great milestone to achieve. Glad he took it so well!

  5. My daughter loved preschool. Glad to her he did good.

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