Toddler Imagination Develops

Toddler imagination is an amazing thing to watch.  For a while, it was something that I struggled and worried over.  I wondered if I was supposed to somehow magically teach him to imagine things and I was somehow doing it wrong.  It turns out that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.  Imagination was happening.  I just needed to leave him alone to do it.

The first spark of toddler imagination started with abstract thinking.  Norton loves Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels cars.  He likes to drive them across the carpet and make car sounds.  However, we didn’t have a garage.  Norton didn’t let the lack of garage oriented things stop him.  He has a Fisher Price Little People barn.  He started using the little barn as his garage and decided on his own that the barn silo was the best place to store his cars when they were not in use.

Later, it progressed to picking up whatever object he thought resembled a phone.  Sometimes it was a real phone.  Sometimes it was a cell phone, or an iPod, or even a television remote.  He’d pick it up and ask, “Hewwo?”  Bonus coolness because he’d “answer” the phone the same way I do.  (Well, almost.  I can pronounce the letter “l.”)

Now I see toddler imagination developing to the point of having entire pretend conversations with the phone in his kitchen.  He’s always talking to Bwama (Grandma) or Cucker (Grandma’s dog Tucker) and the conversation always goes the same.  “Hewwo?  Yes?  Okay.  Bye-bye.”

He’s also having a ball with the train bits that he’s gotten for Christmas and as rewards for good behavior.  He loves to play with “Kar-whoa-ee” (Skarloey) and Thomas on his wooden track.  They make train noises and travel.  It’s just brilliant.

And of course, there’s the toddler imagination of the animal sort.  Norton has been delighting us with making animal noises upon request for quite some time now.  But now he’s improved upon it by doing things spontaneously.  When he makes the elephant noise, he pretends to have a trunk.  When he makes the frog noise (which is pronounced “rye-ett”), he jumps around like a frog.

I love watching the direction that his toddler imagination takes.  I’m curious to see what it’ll become.

What parts of toddler imagination did you find the most fun?

Toddler Imagination Develops (Motherhood Looms)

To some of us, it’s a funnel. To Norton, it’s a telescope and a hat.

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  1. Kenda Wathen says:

    I know what you mean. Last night we were amused watching our 16 month old come from the kitchen set with a toy cup and spoon. She sat in her chair, stirred what was in her cup and the went bottoms up with the cup. I do not remember showing her any of this. She is so funny to watch.

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