Using Cloth Diapers – Why and How I got Started

Using Cloth Diapers – Why and How I got Started (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Image by Pearl of Cloth for a Cause. Used with Permission.

Long before I was a cloth diaper addict, I was just thinking about using cloth diapers.  I was confused.  I struggled.  But one thing that I never, ever want to forget is the joy, wonder, and frustration that I’d experienced when I started cloth diapering.

I knew when I was pregnant with Norton that I wanted to use cloth diapers.  I got the husband on board with the idea rather easily….  Well, sort of.  He was fine with me using cloth diapers, but he’d stick with disposables.  He got on the bandwagon pretty quickly, though.  It helped that we knew a couple of people who used cloth diapers.

I knew that I wanted to use cloth diapers as soon as I’d come across a blog post by Pop Culture Mom back when we were both hanging out on and contributing to a parenting and pregnancy website.

I was amazed.  They were so much cooler than the pins and rubber pants that my oldest sister used on my niece.  There were these wonderful things called pocket diapers!  I knew that I wanted to use them.  They were kinder to the environment.  No throwing diapers in the landfills.  They were cost effective.  I only had to buy a couple dozen and I’d never have to buy Norton another diaper ever again!  (Snort.  If only I knew how many diapers I’d really buy.)

I was sold.

Then I handled it just like I handle anything else I need to understand: I researched like I was working on a master’s thesis.  I checked on different brands and learned that I had a local cloth diaper store.  Since I like to support local business whenever possible, I decided that I was going to get those diapers from the local shop.  I kept hearing amazing things about BumGenius 3.0 (that was the current model at the time) and FuzziBunz One Size diapers.  I waffled and went back and forth, trying to determine what was the extreme very best cloth diaper.  (Ha ha!  If only I knew that “best” was so darned subjective and depends on so many things.)

In the end, I chose FuzziBunz One Size diapers to start my stash.  I started out with 19 FuzziBunz one size diapers.  I washed them and prepped them, starting with only one.  (That was Cozy Bums‘ recommendation.)  It worked.  I had some leak issues as I figured out the right fit, but I ultimately ended up washing all of them and using that small starter stash.  I started out using Tide Free, as that was on the “okay detergent” list at FuzziBunz.

It took some trial and error.  I stuck with it, tried different detergents and routines, and finally found my happy place.  That’s how I got started on using cloth diapers.  How did you get your start?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I started with 24 motherease one-size and 6 fuzzibunz for nighttime. That was 8.5 years ago now. There wasn’t nearly the variety of pocket diapers that there are now. I’m amazed by the competition that’s out there. Baby number 2 and 3 used these as well, with the addition of some gently used Kushies and friend passed on (NOT my favourite). I refreshed my stash (#2 and #3 were really close together and I had a lot of diaper laundry) with 6 new motherease Sandy’s, as well as 8 more fuzzibunz. Our fourth baby is currently using some of my 8 year old motherease (the aren’t completely threadbare from overuse), the fuzzibunz her sister wore, and 25 used Kawaii’s I bought off the facebook group. She also has the one Charlie Banana she won from your blog. It’s definitely my new favourite. As we require new ones (if this ‘used stash’ doesn’t hold up for the next 2-3 years) I’m pretty sure I’ll be replacing them with more Charlie Banana diapers.

  2. I love this! I am new to cloth diapering (just got my first few of my stash 3 days ago) I like it so far and can’t wait to receive the rest so I can full time cloth diaper!

  3. We started cloth diapering out of medical need with my youngest and last child. I looked into it when pregnant with her older sister, but felt it was not something that would fit our lifestyle. I am still right, it really is a pain and does not fit our lifestyle. We spent over $800 trying to find the perfect system for her skin and our lifestyle. We found we hate them all, but the closest that we can get to a disposable is the AIO. I am counting down the days until she potty trains and hope it is soon, as she is 13 months now and we started cloth at 7 weeks of age.

    I can honestly say this because I used disposables with my oldest 2. It was much more fitting for how we live. I feel stuck at home and not able to travel very far from our washer, like we can’t even take an overnight trip to visit family. My oldest 2 potty trained early, like the oldest was 18 months and the second one was 22 months. My opinion of cloth really has not changed. We tried selling the $500 of cloth and had to about pay people to even take most of them (we only made $75 on it). Right now we only have 17 AIO and 4 pockets, so I am doing a load of diapers almost daily since my toddler HATES being even damp with a small piddle.

  4. We started when my now-2-year-old was 1 month old. I bought 15 FuzziBunz size smalls. I thought they were great! I then bought some of their one-size elites, a few mediums, and then branched out into some other kinds as he grew. Now that I have a 4-mo in cloth, I’m buying some girl prints for her, but just using our diaper stash nice and thoroughly! 🙂

    I would probably start out differently now that I know a lot more about what’s out there.


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