Infant Behavior of the Violent Sort

Eudora is such an awesome little girl. She’s a beautiful little princess who is very nearly always happy. It’s amazing to watch her move through stages of development. And of course, seeing how her infant behavior changes to reflect the stages of development is always fun.

She’s just neat.

Lately, there’s been an undesirable infant behavior that’s been popping up. It’s a side effect of her becoming so very proficient in the developmental milestone of pulling up. Eudora will hurt. Since I’ve sat down to type this post, she has pinched me three times, slapped me, and pulled my hair. (I type really fast, so it’s not like this is something that’s taking forever.)

Infant Behavior of the Violent Sort (Motherhood Looms)

The bruise and the red blotches are from Eudora pinching.

What makes it sort of worse in a way is that she’s not trying to hurt me at all. The pinches come from Eudora trying to pull up to standing while holding on to my arm. I don’t wear sleeves. So she ends up pinching me. We’re not talking about little tiny pinches. We’re talking about “my arm always has at least one bruise” from pulling up. I don’t bruise easily. When that particular infant behavior pops up, I’ve yelled (not intended to startle her, but because it hurts). Of course, because she’s not out to hurt me and she pulls up on everything in a similar manner, it’s not really making much of an impact.

The pulling my hair was done for a similar reason.

I’m just not sure what I should be doing. I tried tapping her hand to correct that particular infant behavior, but the tears and look of confusion didn’t help. It’s bad enough that her big brother will beat her up whenever he gets a chance. I don’t want to have an undesirable infant behavior become a full-blown “toddler beating up other kids on the playground” behavior or anything. I just need to figure out the appropriate infant discipline for this.

Norton did things at that age, but pinching me was not among the “unpleasant infant behavior” issues that we had. They are just two completely different children with two completely different temperaments.

Have you experienced painful infant behavior? How did you correct it?

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