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Cloth Diapers OvernightWhen I first started out with cloth diapers, I vowed to use cloth diapers and cloth diapers only. Many of my wonderful friends who also use cloth diapers admit to using disposables overnight. Despite their attempts at using cloth during the night, the results had been so disastrous that disposables were the only thing keeping the sheets dry in any way. When the choice comes between washing sheets every day and using disposables, I would pick the disposables too.

Fortunately for me, my desire to use cloth diapers all the time has been a success. When I first began with overnight cloth diapering, I used a Blueberry pocket diaper with two Blueberry bamboo inserts and one microfiber insert. Since that time, though, I have moved away from any type of cloth diapers and have begun using Best Bottoms almost exclusively.

I say almost exclusively because my use of Best Bottoms extends only partially to overnight. For the past few months now, I have consistently been using a Flip cover overnight with a Stay Dry Best Bottom insert, a microfiber overnight Best Bottom insert, and a FuzziBunz minky insert on my daughter. I love my Best Bottoms during the day, but I found that stuffing so much into the Best Bottom cover at night was only okay at best. I could stuff all of those inserts into the Best Bottom shell, but the results were too bulky, and sometimes an insert peeked out the back of the diaper, which could lead to wicking.

Instead, I have been stuffing a Stay Dry Best Bottom insert, a microfiber overnight Best Bottom insert, and a FuzziBunz minky inside a Flip cover. I am not a big fan of the Flip inserts, but I do really like the covers overnight. The flaps on the inside of the cover hold the three inserts firmly in place and prevent any wicking. Despite the lack of double leg gusset (which is one of the features that I love about my Best Bottoms), my daughter has yet to leak at night with my overnight Flips solution.

In addition to the Stay Dry Best Bottom insert, microfiber overnight Best Bottom insert, and FuzziBunz minky combination, I also have one hemp/cotton Best Bottom overnight insert that I pair with a Stay Dry Best Bottom insert and the two Blueberry bamboo inserts. Rotating among my seven Flip covers, I can have four overnight cloth diapers ready to go at any one time.

If you are looking for a cloth diaper solution that works overnight, then I highly recommend a Flip cover with a Stay Dry Best Bottom insert, a microfiber overnight Best Bottom insert, and a FuzziBunz minky insert. My sheets are always dry with this cloth diaper combination.

How do you cloth diaper overnight?

Heather Johnson is a blogger and cloth diapering mama. To learn more about her and her cloth diaper addiction, check out The Parenting Patch.

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  1. our Blueberry pocket stuffed with the long blueberry mf insert plus a Thirsties hemp insert underneath is perfect for our heavy wetter. We’ve never had a leak so far.

  2. I just cant handle the overnight stink! How do you get around it? During the day we are fine, no stink, no rash. Overnight is horrific, the ammonia is overwhelming and has produced rashes. We have just dealt with disposables because its easier to deal with.

    • Well, I go with something stay dry in between to wick the moisture away from my kids. In the morning, the diapers will smell like death (and disposables stink just as much) so I rinse them out before putting in the wet bag.

  3. Great tips, I always used a pocket diaper stuffed with 2 MF inserts.

  4. Jessica Hughes says:

    Wow thank you im collecting my stash and this was one of the worries freaking me out!

  5. If your diapers smell — they aren’t getting clean enough. Figure out a new wash routine that gets the job done. I soak “difficult” diapers (aios and thick inserts/doublers) overnight in warm water with detergent and at least 4 cups of vinegar before a normal wash (followed by rinses until no soap bubbles form). Really smelly items (like newly bought used dipes that are stinky) get soaked in the vinegar/detergent solution for 24 he’s (change the water half way through).

  6. I agree with you that using overnight cloth diapers is an excellent solution as I found with my babies as they slept well.
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  7. I think it is important for small babies to be wearing overnight cloth diapers as the latter ensure that they have a good night sleep
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