Cloth Diapering Misconceptions

Cloth Diapering Misconceptions (Cloth Diaper Addicts)I’ve been going through an old blog that I started when I was pregnant with Norton.  Since the state of that site is uncertain, I grabbed all of my old posts so I wouldn’t lose them.  My blogs are like my pregnancy and baby books rolled into a public format.  Sometimes I re-read them and smile about where I was back then.  Today I found one that I wrote almost four years ago when I was first considering cloth diapering.

If we’re doing EC, then that gets me on another subject. This is somewhere that I thought that I would never, ever go. On the car ride home from the doctor yesterday, I was discussing the idea of EC with my husband. If we do that, then why not go with cloth diapering? You can get a flushable insert to catch some of the mess, right? And it’s cheaper than using disposable diapers all the time, right?

So my husband asked a question that seemed perfectly reasonable to him. “You mean you’ve already checked with services in town?” Services? What? Then it dawned on me that he was referring to those companies that pick up your soiled cloth diapers and leave you a set of laundered ones.

You know, that never occurred to me. I grew up in the middle of nowhere. I was a mile from the nearest newspaper box, three miles from the nearest payphone, and public transit was a fantasy. The only reliable delivery service out there was the local paper, and even then, sometimes the paper ended up in a puddle.

Honestly, if EC works out, there won’t be that many nasty icky diapers. And if the inserts that I’m thinking of really exist, then there will be even less nasty icky diapers. So, seems to me that with a little diaper pail and a bit of bleach, it won’t be a problem.

My husband then promptly informed me that he will not be entering the laundry room, then. (Not, mind you, that he ever really goes in it now anyway!)

This is too funny.  It’s amazing to me that I thought that cloth diapering was such a freakish thing.  Not only do I now use cloth diapers exclusively, I’ve become a passionate advocate for using cloth diapers.  However, the “cheaper” part kind of went to the wayside for me because I am a cloth diaper addict.  The fact that cloth diapering is actually my hobby adds to it.  In spite of my desire to do elimination communication, I ultimately failed.  We never did research cloth diapering services, but I don’t actually think that there’s one in my city anyway.  I didn’t use flushable inserts for very long (and the most certainly do exist).  And I’ve become militantly anti-bleach on cloth diapers.

As for my husband’s refusal to enter the laundry room, that was also wrong.  Not only does he frequently enter the laundry room (mainly because I haven’t put away his underwear), but he also will actually help me with washing cloth diapers.

Did you have any misconceptions about cloth diapering?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I had quite a few when I started! I have tried my hardest to stick to the saving money aspect because it’s my dh’s main reason for being on board, but I want to be a collector! 🙂

  2. Cinella Reyes says:

    It’s interesting how much we have learned after starting to cloth diaper. And then we hear mamas ask the same silly questions we did. Great post!

  3. Rachel N says:

    The cheaper part of cloth went out the window for me too:) I just can’t resist trying new brands and getting new designs.

  4. I think the biggest misconception is that they somehow smell. The only time my husband ever commented on the smell coming from the diaper pail was the day before we left for Jamaica, and the pail was full of sposies – I’d washed all the cloth since we weren’t planning ot travel with them. Another is that they’re a big hassle – I just have one more load of laundry every few days. Considering laundry is the one chore I don’t mind, it’s a no brainer.

  5. Gosh, I remember all those old posts, my friend! Probably the biggest misconception I held was that it was too difficult. Which probably covers everything! After learning what I like and don’t like and how to wash, it was pretty simplistic.

  6. ashpuffy says:

    At first I too was quite hesitant to CD but am so glad I changed my mind. I really enjoy it and we’re saving money by not buying disposables.

  7. Tracy Adler says:

    At first it was really hard to convince my hubby to cloth diaper…. He was so unnerved by the idea, we had to buy a second set of washers and dryers lol. We have yet to begin our cding journey as our little one won’t be here until October, but my husband is much more comfortable now after reading about it and attending a cloth diapering class.

    • Monica Victor says:

      There’s no need for a separate Washer/Dryer. 🙂 Once the diapers are clean so is the washer. That being said all of our stuff leaves tiny amounts of fecal matter in our washer, which is easily cleaned using a cup of bleach and a empty washer cycle.

  8. Jessica Hughes says:

    Awesome great post! Im still trying to convince my boyfriend lol.

  9. I am actually ECing with my four month old, and have been since she was 10 weeks old. It’s working out pretty well, and she only poops in her diaper when I don’t realize she’s not done pooping on the potty (she’s a ridiculously poopy child and will often poop four times before I even get to eat breakfast). I’m wondering if it’s necessary to buy a diaper sprayer for breastmilk poop, since she’ll probably be pretty well trained by the time solid poops come around?

    • Nope, exclusive breastfeeding poo is water soluble. 🙂

    • Some people never even use a sprayer. It all depends on your child. Until Norton got a stomach bug, I never needed/wanted one with him. With Eudora, she has poo that is so… ugh… that I wouldn’t even want to cloth diaper her without a sprayer.

  10. For us…cloth diapering was our only option, because we couldn’t afford to buy disposables…which is a though that many anti-cloth diaperers would laugh at since many claim that cloth is more costly.

    Not the way we did it though, we went the pre-fold & covers route and spend about $90 for all of our diapering supplies…including wipes!

    So I quickly had to get over the “ick factor” pretty darn quickly 😉

  11. I thought that cloth would be harder. Having to go to the store to buy disposables would definitely be more of hassle now!

  12. Some of my misconceptions: Cloth is more expensive, harder to travel with and hard to wash. Not true- There is Cloth for a cause, secondhand diapers, WAHM versus company diapers and wet bags make travellling with cloths simple.
    Ashleigh Swerdfeger recently posted…Running from Forever- ReleaseMy Profile

  13. Christina Howell says:

    I had a lot of misconceptions. I thought it was way old school, cloth diapers would leak or stink 24/7, & that you would spend all day cleaning them in buckets. LOL. I was so naive.

  14. Hey I would love to do cloth diapers, but my hubby is dead set against it. any ideas to get him on board?

    • It depends on why he’s against it. Cost? There are orgs that can help by lending you diapers to use so that you can get cloth without the upfront cost. And if you do it like a reasonable person, it’ll save money. Poop? You flush it, just like you should flush what’s in sposies. Laundry? It’s a couple of extra loads a week. It’s not like you’re over a wash basin hand scrubbing. (You can be if that’s your thing, of course, but it’s not necessary for the diapers.)

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