FuzziBunz Inserts Absorbency Test

I really do enjoy doing the occasional cloth diaper absorbency test post.  If nothing else, they’re always quite educational and can sometimes be surprising.  Recently, I put my FuzziBunz inserts to the test.  I’m a big fan of FuzziBunz cloth diapers.  In fact, that was the first diaper I ever bought.  I decided to put them to the test after noticing the size differences when comparing FuzziBunz One Size diapers to the new FuzziBunz Elite one size diapers.

FuzziBunz Inserts Absorbency Test (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

From left to right: large microfiber, small microfiber, large minky, and small minky FuzziBunz inserts

How I Performed the FuzziBunz Inserts Absorbency Test

I did my best to keep it as scientific as possible.  I weighed each insert dry, then soaked an insert in one liter of water for two minutes.  After that, I removed then insert from the water and let it drip for 60 seconds.  Once it dripped, I weighed the all-in-two insert again.  Finally, I gently wrung out the all-in-two insert and weighed again.  The only variable is the human factor: I tried to apply the same amount of force in the wringing process, but because I did not use a machine, it won’t be exact.  I used metric because it’s a more precise unit of measurement and 1mL of water weighs 1g.  One cup is approximately 255mL.

FuzziBunz large microfiber insert

The FuzziBunz large microfiber insert has a starting dry weight of 52 grams.  After the two minute soak/sixty second drip, it weighed 284 grams.  That means that the FuzziBunz large microfiber insert actually held 232 grams (.98 cups) of water.  After squeezing out some of the excess water, the large insert weighed in at 213 grams, holding 161 mL (or .68 cups) of water.

FuzziBunz small microfiber insert

The small FuzziBunz microfiber insert’s dry weight is 46 grams.  After a two minute soak/sixty second drip, the FuzziBunz small microfiber insert weighed 270 grams.  The insert held 224 mL (.95 cups) of water.  After squeezing out some excess water (to simulate compression), the small microfiber insert weighed 208 grams, holding 162 mL (or .68 cups) of water.

FuzziBunz large minky insert

The large minky insert is a super light and trim 35 grams when dry.  After the standard two minute soak followed by sixty seconds to drip, the large minky insert held 182 mL (just over three quarters of a cup) of water.  The FuzziBunz large minky insert weighed 163 grams after gently pressing out the excess water.  That means that it held 128 mL (or .54 cups) of water.

FuzziBunz small minky insert

The small minky insert has a starting dry weight of 32 grams.  Following a two minute soak and sixty seconds of drip time, the small minky insert held 170 mL (.72 cups) of water.  After compressing the small insert, it held 121 mL (.51 cups) of water.


Well, there’s a lot to be said about the new FuzziBunz minky inserts.  While they don’t outperform the older microfiber inserts, they have their own advantages.  But that’s the subject of another blog post.  I’m just curious to see what FuzziBunz is going to come up with next!

Were you surprised by any of my findings?

Where to buy FuzziBunz diapers: FuzziBunz.com (US only), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada), Cozy Bums (Canada), and Cloth Diaper Addicts Amazon store.

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I didn’t think the minky inserts were as absorbent. I find it annoying that Fuzzi Bunz keeps changing their one size diaper. Minor changes every once in a while is a good thing but they keep drastically changing it. Inserts changed and then changed back, the size changed to way smaller and has now changed to way bigger. It’s annoying me…

    • To be fair, it’s only been three significant changes… The original OS was great, the Elite was an experiment that didn’t quite work as well as they’d hoped, and the 2013 Elite design is combining what worked from both predecessors.

  2. Wow! Cool, informative post. 🙂

  3. great comparison, I have been avoiding mf been slowing transitioning to natrual fibers.

  4. I also suspected that the minky inserts were not as absorbent :/. I really love the old microfiber inserts though.

  5. Victoria W. says:

    Interesting to know, I’m new to cd and things like absorbency are on my mind. I’d be interested to know how the Mf compares to more natural inserts.

  6. Vee Sluys says:

    Great test. I think I’ll try with my bamboo inserts and compare

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