Peachy Green Diaper AIO Review

These diapers are a recent discovery of mine. This review is dealing with Peachy Green’s Solo LuxeAIO (all-in-one). I received this diaper through a purchase I made at Kissed bythe Moon. First here’s a little background on the company, and then on to the review of the diaper. 🙂

Peachy Green Diapers
Peachy Green is an online cloth diaper store selling their own amazing brand of cloth diapers. You can go to their website here for more information on their history as a company. They carry several different types of diapers (click on the name to go to the site to find out even more about each diaper):

And they also sell hemp boosters that snap under the soakers. The AIO is sized kind of like Thirsties Duo diapers are, but they have a size 0 for newborns/young babies in addition to size 1 and 2. The AI2 is one sized (as it says above 🙂 ) and the covers are sized like the AIO. They are all side snapping, allowing for a very trim fit (I’ve been converted to side snaps because of these diapers!). The AIO has a bamboo viscose/organic cotton layer inside the cover, the AI2 has a microfleece layer, and the covers have a wipe clean interior. I couldn’t find on their site whether they use PUL or TPU. The covers have gussets, while the AIO and AI2 do not. All of the soakers are bamboo/cotton and oh so soft!
Solo Luxe AIO Review
The front of the diaper
The back of the diaper. The snaps do coordinate.
I have a size 2 Marble Rainbow. When I first saw it, I loved the bright colors. Yeah, I like bright colors. 🙂 It snaps on the side and the snaps coordinate with the print. There are four rows. It’s serged on the back top edge and topstitched only across the top front edge. There’s no exposed laminate inside (like I said, I don’t know if it’s made with PUL or TPU), it’s got a layer of soft bamboo/cotton knit fabric inside. Lovely! There are two snaps in the back where the soaker snaps in. They do show on the back of the diaper. Not really crazy about that, but since the snaps coordinate, not a big deal for me. The soaker is just buttery soft! This is the first diaper that I’ve gotten with bamboo, and it is so much softer than hemp! It’s very absorbent too. I’ve only used this diaper during the day (it’s just too cute to use at night) and I have not had any leaks. No wicking either. I haven’t been able to test how long it can go without being changed since my girl has pooped in it every single time that I have put it on her. Jlol It’s a very trim diaper. It’s the trimmest one I have. It fits my girl great and I think that she’ll actually be able to wear it until she potty trains. I admit, I would love to have more of these. I really don’t have a bad thing to say about this diaper. Except maybe the snaps showing in the back, but like I said, it’s not really a big deal for me. They retail for about $22.95 for solid colors and $23.95 for prints. It washes up pretty easily too. Even if you handwash it, which I did do (washer’s still broken, you’ll have to forgive any staining that you see in the pictures because I don’t have a place that I can sun the diaper in my second story apartment J and it’s still snowing in Michigan. Like I said, my girl poops every time that she wears this diaper).
Inside of cover.
Here’s the soaker snapped into the cover. The bottom layer of the soaker is sewn into a loop and the snaps are covered by the top layer. I like that you can fold the soaker to put the absorbency where you need it.
Here’s how I fold the soaker when I put it on my girl. I fold the looped part up a bit so that it’s more in the middle.
Here’s my little model with the cover on. She’s on the second to last row of snaps. lol She wouldn’t hold still long enough for me to get a picture of them on her while she was laying down. I snapped this as she rolled over.
Here’s my girl in her AIO. This was the only shot that I could get from the front-ish. You can see it fits her really well and is very trim.
Here’s a sideview of the diaper on her. I had to chase her around a little bit to get it. 🙂 You can really see here that this is a really trim diaper.
In the End..
Peachy Green may not be really well known, but they do make a high quality diaper. This is one of my favorite diapers. It’s absorbent, trim, and so darn cute! I need to get one in size 0 for my boy who will be here in July so he and big sister can match. Lol Overall, I think the Solo Luxe AIO is worth the price tag. They have pretty colors, cute prints, a great trim fit, and good absorbency.
The opinions expressed in this review are my own. I was not given merchandise or compensated for writing this review. This post does not contain affiliate links.

Update: I’ve been in contact with Dawn from Peachy Green (very nice lady by the way!), and she provided the following explanation of PUL and TPU:

PUL or TPU? – There is a lot of confusion around these terms. TPU is actually part of PUL. TPU is the film that is bonded to poly fabric to make PUL. Here is the background on the fabric we use: .”


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