Update on CuteyBaby Covers

As I updated in my CuteyBaby review, I received my replacement cover and Ada Vaughn, the founder of CuteyBaby, herself handled my request. She’s such a nice lady, it was a pleasure dealing with her. The cover that I received is slightly different than the ones I reviewed. I like it better! It’s just minor changes, but they’re for the betterment of the cover. And before I start, Ms. Vaughn did not ask me to write this, and the cover I received was not for compensation of any kind. The cover I received was a replacement for one where the elastic in the back waist went out. All opinions are my own. This post does not contain affiliate links. On to the changes!

Here’s the replacement diaper I received. I like orange. 🙂 The material is different, more shiny and smooth.

Ignore the prefold under the diaper. That’s my changing pad for my daughter. I have a flat padfolded inside the cover. After two washes, there’s no pilling on the outside of the cover. Yay!

The loop has two lines of stitching instead of just one, which I like because the hook and loop have a strong hold. It’s the same kind of hook and loop as my previous covers. The loop is very soft.

The hook tab fits the loop better now! And there’s a laundry tab now! I just noticed it today. I’ve washed this diaper twice so far, and the hook hasn’t curled yet. Today is the second time that we’ve used it.

And here is the diaper on my girl. The rise seems like it’s higher than my other CuteyBaby covers. It fits her great, no plumber pants diaper look going on. The internal gusset thing really holds poop in, as I had chance to find out later after taking this picture. None of the poo got close to the outside leg gussets.

In the end…

I am really liking this diaper cover now. It fits my girl great with no leakage of poop or pee, and the elastic is soft and snug without leaving bright red marks. I think it’d be awesome if CuteyBaby offered a contoured cotton, bamboo, or hemp insert for their diapers, along with the microfiber. I’d especially like bamboo, since it’s so soft and absorbent. I am now definitely going to be getting some of these covers for my little man when he’s born. These were relatively minor improvements, but they made a difference for the better. Hmm, now I’m curious as to whether the inserts have been changed or not. 🙂 Check CuteyBaby out. Especially since they’ve got an adorable new sock monkey print now! I have to get one of those! I’ll have to get the pink pirates for my girl too.

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